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Prada Gallery

Full Restoration

This Prada was stained, worn out and had extensive water damage. We worked tirelessly to bring this bag back to life and restore its original colour.

Prada Handbag Full Restoration

Fully Restored & Re-Structured

This bag has undergone a full leather restoration and we have also re-structured the bag so it can stand firm.

Scuffed Corners

Here we have repaired the leather on the corner of this bag where it had become scuffed.


White Leather Restoration 

We have fully restored this white leather Prada handbag, fixing the scuffing on the bottom corners and restoring the colour throughout.


Ink Stain

Fountain pen ink had stained this bag causing a large blue mark. We have removed the stain and restored the colour to the damaged area.

Restructured & Restored 

This leather bag had started to sag in the middle and was unable to stand firm. We created a made to measure stiffener to strengthen the bag and then restored the colour.


Saffiano Leather Repair

Here we have repaired the scuffed corners on a saffiano leather bag.

Faded and Pale Bag

A full leather restoration took this worn, faded and yellowed bag back to a brilliant white.


Split Piping

Here we have repaired the edge of the bag where the piping had split and stuck out.

Prada Cleaning

Here we have thoroughly cleaned the front of this bag to remove some staining.

Prada Colour Change

We have changed the colour of this leather handbag from cream to tan. We're always careful and spend extra care and attention when colouring around logos.

Colour Loss

There was a small area of colour loss on this handbag. We matched the colour exactly so that we were able to repair this area only and blend it in with the rest of the bag.

Broken Prada Zip

Here we have repaired the zip on this bag.


Grey Leather Restoration and Re-Structure

This leather has been fully restored as has the structure of the bag.


Beige to Black

Black is a lot more manageable colour for a handbag and many of our customers chose to change the colour of their bag to black.

Leather Restoration

Full Leather Restoration.

Piping Repair 

The corners on many bags split and tear. Where this happens we fill the damaged area and restore the colour so it blends in with the rest of the bag.


Leather Restoration Close Up

A close up shot of leather before and after we have restored it.

Stained Handbag

Cleaning & Stain Removal.

Prada Purse Restoration

We have fully restored the leather to this Prada purse.