Louis Vuitton Vachetta replacement at the handbag clinic

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Replacement

Is the Vachetta leather of your Louis Vuitton bag looking worse for wear?

Although this iconic leather is designed to develop a beautiful Patina in time, if not cared for correctly this leather can quickly become stained, scuffed and cracked.

The Handbag Clinic specialise in hand dying this specialist leather to match the patina of your bag when areas need replaced.  A good maintenance plan is the best way to keep your Louis Vuitton items looking great, our team can support you in finding the right plan for you.

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Vachetta leather isn't limited to Vuitton bases and handles. Zips, tabs, Neverfull Trims are also made out of this lightly tanned leather and can become discoloured or even torn. 

Perfect the aesthetic of your Vuitton bag by allowing our artisans to replace the parts with Vachetta that is tanned to match the remaining Vachetta leather.

Prices Start From £55


Are your Neverfull, Alma, Keepall or Speedy handles looking worse for wear? Don't let your Vuitton suffer in silence.

Entrust your bag into our industry leading clinic to undergo a Vachetta replacement, where our artisans will cut, craft and hand sew new handles to match the patina of your Louis Vuitton.

Prices Start From £170


Bags are put on floors, seats, car boots and many more dirty surfaces that inevitably scuff, stain and misshape your bag. 

Allow our artisans to craft a new base for your Louis Vuitton Alma, Noe's and backpacks and give your items the annual refresh that they deserve to keep them looking their best.

Prices Start From £545

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