Shoe Restorations

DIY Colour Change Correction

The owner of these white heels wanted to give them a radically different colour but their pink dream became a pink nightmare when they didn't have the correct tools for the application. We worked to remove the pink colourant from the shoe so our technicians could give the shoes a new lease of life in a conservative black tone.

Balenciaga Gold Foil Restoration 

My Wardrobe HQ asked for our help with re-foiling these gold Balenciaga heels. Our artisans undertook a bespoke restoration to restore the colour and return them to their former splendour.

Louboutin Resole

Is there a shoe more iconic than the red sole? We appreciate the importance of retaining the red sole and our artisans use industry leading techniques to retain the original sole during our bespoke restoration.

Exotic Leather Boots Restoration

Our artisans are experts with exotic leather and can ensure the prestige of each individual scale. We colour-match to ensure a seamless finish.

Manolo Blahnik Colour & Embellishment Restoration 

Dancing shoes can often look a little worse for wear. Our artisans revived the electric silver tones and reattached the toe embellishment in order to restore them to their former splendour.

Wedding Shoe Colour Change 

Keep the magic of your special day going by colour changing them to a shade that will match your closet.

Chanel Ballet Pump Restoration 

Restoring these Classic Chanel pumps allowed us to repair the cracked leather and colour. 

Fendi Sandal Restoration

Shoes regularly lose their colour from excessive wear. We were able to restore the colour and texture of these sandals.

Gucci Trainer Restoration

There's nothing better than new white creps, so what are you waiting for? Book them into our clinic to get them looking box fresh again.

Chanel Boots Colour Change 

White often shows dye transfer and dirt. Instead of purchasing new, the owner wanted to customise her boots and colour change them to black.

Classic White Boot Restoration

Using our refined and conservative techniques we are able to restore your beloved leather boots back to their former splendour.

Fendi White Heels Restoration

Shoes regularly lose their colour from continuous wear. We were able to restore the colour and texture of these sandals.

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