Every part of hardware on a handbag can become damaged, broken or lost! We stock 1000's of parts from locks and clasps to studs, rivets and feet. So if we can't repair the broken hardware we'll be able to replace it with something to match.

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Hardware Repairs: How we repair or replace broken hardware



With use the colour on the metal work of a bag can start to wear off. This is typical on chains and clasps. 

To re-plate the hardware we carefully remove it from the bag and give it a thorough clean to remove any dirt and residues that would stop the re-plating from working. 

We then re-plate the hardware in gold, rose gold or silver and re-attach it to the bag. 

We can only carry this out service on certain brands and pieces, this cannot be carried out on "coated metal" which is most commonly used by YSL, Mulberry and Gucci.

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New Locks, Clasps & Closures

There are a huge variety of closing mechanisms for your handbag. It's probably the most used part of your bag, and is therefore the part the damages most often. 

We have a huge stock of parts that suit most brands of bags to ensure that when we repair or replace your damaged part it not only functions the same, but looks the same.

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New Studs, Rivets, Screws and Small Parts

We have thousands of small parts that can just fall of your bag and be lost forever! We have studs and rivets in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and have even sourced matching parts of bags, which feature these items in their design such as the thimbles from Balenciaga City Bags and the Rock Studs from Valentino Bags and Shoes.

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New Feet

Sometimes the feet on a handbag become loose and drop off. Or, you might have a bag without feet and want some added.  

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We are the longest established and leading handbag hardware suppliers in the UK working not only for consumers but for many of the worlds leading department stores and fashion designers;

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