Authentic Pre-Owned Designer Luggage

Browse our specially selected collection of pre-owned designer handbags. All our handbags are carefully checked for authenticity and cleaned inside and out before going on sale.

Authentic Pre-Loved Designer Luggage

Where do we get our pre-loved luggage from?

We buy our luggage directly from our customers and through selected partners in the UK.

How do I know your pre-loved luggage is authentic?

We've bought and sold thousands of designer items of luggage and so far have never sold a fake! Each item passes the hands of two buyers (one in-store and one at our HQ) and is then checked again by a senior buyer before going on sale. As well as buying and selling a lot of luggage, we also clean and restore thousands of bags each year with many coming direct from the retailers and department stores such as Harrods; so we know how to identify the real items!

What type of quality is you pre-loved luggage?

We tend to only buy pre-loved luggage that is in excellent condition. However if there is any damage we'll repair this and also clean the item inside and out. This ensures all the pre-loved luggage we sell is in really good condition.


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