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Can you tell me about the brand?

While Prada was established in 1913, it didn’t become the brand we recognise today until 1977 - when they discontinued importing English handbags and instead, chose to craft their own from waterproof nylon material. This kickstarted Prada's rise to cult status, where they would eventually release the iconic Prada Crystal bag, various white Prada bags, and practical Prada shoulder bags.

How do you clean a Prada Nylon bag?

Due to the material of the Prada Nylon bag, it’s important to regularly clean it to remove any dust and debris. You can start by using a dry, gentle cloth to remove dust before using a mixture of lukewarm water and washing up liquid to gently buff away any remaining debris in circular motions.

Nylon is water-resistant however leather isn’t, so make sure you avoid any leather parts in the cleaning process such as the zippers.

Blot your bag dry with a clean, dry towel and then leave it unzipped to dry.

What are the most popular Prada styles you sell?

Prada Galleria

Released in 2007, the Prada Galleria hosts rounded handles that are reminiscent of medicine bags, popular in previous decades.

Prada Nylon

Prada revised their classic leather designs to introduce the Prada Nylon bag, which became a symbol of Prada’s refined approach to luxury fashion.

Prada Luxe Tote

Synonymous with simplicity, the Prada Luxe Tote has sealed its position within the wardrobe of the fashion elite.


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