Preserving the Past, Whilst Mindfully Reinventing the Future

Handbag Clinic is the world’s leading authority on luxury handbags. We are the proud gate-keepers of sustainable & sentimental luxury; providing a seamless one-stop service for buying, selling and restoring handbags.

We have stores throughout the UK where customers can browse our vast range of vintage handbags and contemporary classics; where furthermore, our staff can consult on bespoke restorations and hygienic cleaning. 

Our services are open to anyone, anywhere, anytime as we endeavour on our journey to preserve the past whilst mindfully reinventing the future! 

Restoring an item to its former glory!

Handbag Clinic is the number one expert in handbag restoration and repairs in the U.K, pre-dating new and upcoming services for pre-loved luxury handbags; our dedicated team of experts work meticulously, cleaning & restoring handbags for customers all over the world!

We currently clean & restore more than 700 handbags each month and our services have amassed a prominent and pioneering fan base. We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in fashion; from well-known luxury handbag makers to auction houses such as Christie’s. 

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Buy and Sell Your Designer Handbags

Our bespoke service focuses solely on you, the customer. We are an open-community of handbag connoisseurs, passionate about protecting the design and craftsmanship that we admire; whilst further promoting the inclusivity and accessibility of designer fashion. 

In 2015 we launched a new concept of buying handbags directly from you, our customers, and re-selling them in our stores. 

Giving you the opportunity to buy a pre-loved designer handbag at up to 50% off the RRP, whilst also providing access to vintage handbags that aren’t easy to source. 

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Highlights of Our Journey So Far

  • Launched in August 2013, offering our service mail order.
  • As news of us spread via Daily Mail and Sky TV, we started to restore more than 50 handbags per month. 
  • In 2014 we began works on a dedicated workshop where our skilled Artisans save the lives of bags – we call this ‘The Clinic’. The Clinic facilitates 20 staff, carrying out anything from a small stitching repair to restoring a faded bag. 
  • February 2015 we opened our first store on Kings Road in Chelsea. Later that year, we opened another store in our native Newcastle, where we started to buy & sell handbags.

    • In 2015 we also restored (at that time) the Worlds most expensive handbag. A diamond encrusted Hermes Birkin in pink Croc leather. We’ve since gone onto to restore many more Birkins for this client.
    • June 2016 we opened our third store, in Leeds.
    • July 2016 we launched our new website and handbags could be purchased online! 
    • Summer 2016, The Middle East was calling. We launched our first international store in Qatar. We've since opened a second store in Harvey Nichols, Doha, and another in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    • 2019, we redesigned our Flagship store in Chelsea and to celebrate, we hosted a relaunch event attended by London's finest fashionistas.
    • February 2020, we launched our YouTube Channel which hit 100,000 subscribers within 8 months.
    • October 2020 we opened a concession in Fenwick's Flagship Newcastle Store (us Geordies stick together). 
    • By 2021, we'd secured editorial pieces within leading publications: Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Women & Home, Insider & The Industry; among many more. 
    • April 2021 we further expanded within Fenwick and opened a concession in their prominent Colchester location. 
    • August 2021 we secured a prominent investment which will allow us to expand our teams and systems.
    • We’re now restoring over 700 handbags a month and since launching we’ve restored over £40 million pounds worth of bags!

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