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Luxury Trainer Cleaning

Trainers are the unsung heroes of your everyday wardrobe. Treat them sooner, rather than later to the TLC they deserve to keep them always looking their best.

Using our specially formulated professional care products, our expert artisans will give your luxury trainers a deep clean, ensuring the delicate fibres are given the upmost care.

Whether it be yellowing of the soles or stubborn marks to the fabric, we will target each area specifically. And, while we cannot guarantee every mark can be removed, will use all the tools and experience in our Clinic to get you a great result.

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Problems we can solve

luxury trainer clean at The Handbag Clinic


Allow our artisans to remove the inevitable build up of dirt from the exterior and interior of your luxury trainers and give your items the annual refresh that they deserve.

We understand the delicate nature of your favourite trainers and will use complimentary products that will hygienically clean and protect the prestige fibres of your trainers.

Prices Start From £55


Keeping your trainers box fresh isn't as impossible as you may think! Protection is key and will give you better results on our cleaning treatments.

Our industry leading protection treatment will prevent rain and dirt from absorbing into your crepes and protect you against everything from someone stepping on your Yeezy's to accidental spillages on your Triple S's.

Prices Start From £10


Have you worn your trainers to festivals, football matches or on nights out? 

Trainers come into contact with hard surfaces and dirt when getting you from A to B, which means toe scuffs and leather scrapes are often inevitable. Our clinic provide specialist leather services to repair these scuffs to provide your trainers with smooth leather toes once again.

Prices Start From £60

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