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  • How do I sell to The Hangbag Clinic?

    Complete the Sell My Bag quote linked above and our Buying Team will review your bag(s) and will be in contact within 48 working hours to discuss particulars.

    You will either be offered immediate payment into your chosen bank account, payment upon sale and/or store voucher. Once you’ve picked your preferred option, you can utilise our courier service and send your bag(s) to our HQ, to be prepared for our website.

  • How are the prices determined?

    Our Buying Team will review each bag individually and the price will reflect the size, age, style and condition. Where appropriate they will also consider the original RRP in relation to the current market value to present you the best offering.

  • When do I get paid?

    Your payment schedule depends on the option presented to you by our Buying Team upon completion of your quote.

    • If you choose Immediate Payment, you will be paid into your chosen bank account as soon as your bag has been processed at our HQ.
    • If you choose Payment upon Sale, you will be contacted by our Accounts Team and paid once your bag has been purchased; this option will secure you the most money.
    • If you choose Store Voucher, your Handbag Clinic account will be credited once your bag has been processed at our HQ.

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Hermès Birkin’s continue to retain their title as the hardest bag to secure but you’re in luck, as we’ve dropped two Birkin 35’s on our website and they will be in our Chelsea store this week 👜