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Exotic Cleaning and Repairs

Exotic leathers have adorned bags for centuries.

Whether your bag is a sentimental keepsake passed down through generations or a rare fashion find, then our artisans have amassed expert knowledge to undertake a conservative restoration on your exotic bag.


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Looking to upgrade your exotic handbag?

Applying specialist dyes we're able to colour change your exotic bag without compromising the texture of the skin. Upon finishing, we'll restore the natural shine that exotic leathers display to ensure the original sheen of the bag.



The process to remove stains from exotic leathers is different to that of normal hide due to the individuality of each scale. 

We will patiently tease the contaminants from the leather using specialist tools and carefully restore the affected leather until the stain is removed.

Prices Start From £340


Exotic leather can become discoloured and appear dehydrated in areas due to its delicate nature.

Hosting industry leading knowledge on the unique approach needed to restore exotic leathers, we will undertake a conservative approach to ensure the prestige of the skin is maintained.

Prices Start From £455

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