Authentic Pre Owned Louis Vuitton Bags

Our Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton Bag collection includes handbags in brand new condition with their tags still on through to slightly used, second hand Louis Vuitton bags. We ensure all our Louis Vuitton Bags are in great condition by cleaning each bag thoroughly before placing it on sale. Unlike most second hand Louis Vuitton Bags our entire collection is kept in pristine condition.

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Authentic Second Hand Louis Vuitton Bags

We have sourced a range of second hand Louis Vuitton Handbags from our customers throughout the UK. Each LV bag is carefully selected through our two step authentication process before being cleaned, priced and put for sale online and in our stores.

We source our bags direct from our customers. These can be items of Louis Vuitton that have never even been worn and removed from the original box, or a vintage Louis Vuitton bag that our customer no longer requires. Because we clean and/or restore each bag that goes on sale you can guarantee that all our Handbags are in great condition.

Louis Vuitton - About the Brand

Founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton, a French fashion designer and businessman, although it is commonly shortened to LV, the brand became famous in the late 19th century making leather trunks and luggage. As the brand grew and opened it's first London store in 1885 on Oxford Street, people began to imitate the Louis Vuitton style and so Vuitton created the Daimer Canvas pattern. 

Contrary to what most people think, the Daimer Canvas pattern (designed in 1888) was the first Trademark registered by Louis Vuitton. It wasn't until 1896, under the ownership of George Vuitton (the founders son) that the famous LV Monogram Canvas pattern was registered. The style was an instant success and to this day it is the signature look of Louis Vuitton. 

Famous Louis Vuitton Bags

Over the years Louis Vuitton have introduced many styles of bags, some that have become cemented in fashion history and that are still used today.

1901 - The Steamer: a smaller piece of luggage designed to fit inside a Trunk.

1930 - The Keepall: A soft sided travel bag in the famous monogram pattern.

1930 - The Speedy: A small top handle bag, still in production to this date.

1932 - The Noe Bag: Originally designed to carry Champagne bottles!

1958 - The Lockit: Another top handle bag that was re-invented in 2014

In 1959, the company reinvented the signature monogram canvas to make it softer so it could be used to make smaller leather goods.

1966 - The Papillon: A small cylindrical bag translated to English as 'Butterfly'

1992 - The Alma: Inspired by a 1934 Squire Bag by Gaston Vuitton.


For over 160 years Louis Vuitton has stood at the fore-front of luxury fashion and is known the world over. Joining Moet et Chandon and Hennessy in 1987 saw the creation of LVMH; what was to become one of the worlds leading luxury goods firms. in 1997 Louis Vuitton made Marc Jacobs artistic director.

We stock a range of new and second hand bags as well as a range of Vintage Louis Vuitton dating back to the early 20th Century. 


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