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Metallic Classic Chanel Restoration 

Does your silver or gold Chanel need restoring? Our artisans will transform your handbag and restore its colour and shine.

Black Chanel Flap Bag Restoration 

Amazing restoration of this Classic Chanel Flap bag, restoring colour and shine.

Classic Chanel Colour Change

This Lambskin Leather Classic Flap came to us with stained and discoloured leather. The owner wanted to refresh the design and chose to change the colour to a minimal chocolate tone.

Caviar Leather Chanel Classic Restoration

This Caviar Leather Classic Flap came to us with faded leather and torn corners. You can read all about the restoration of this bag in our full blog post here

Caviar Leather Chanel Classic Flap

Lambskin Classic Chanel Restoration

Our customer sent their bag off to an alternative restoration company for a colour change, but they couldn't complete the work to a high standard. We received the Classic Chanel and rescued the lambskin leather and completed a conservative colour change to black.

Vintage Classic Chanel Square Restoration

Full Restoration of Vintage Classic Chanel

Classic Chanel Restoration

Restoration removing scuffing, staining and dye transfer 

Dye Transfer Removal Chanel Bag

Chanel Restructuring 

Our technicians replaced the specialist stiffening material in both the front and back panels of this Grand Shopper Tote, restoring its natural support.

Chanel Stiffener Restructuring

Chanel Dye Transfer Restoration

Dye transfer is a common problem for many handbag lovers. Our artisans were able to restore the colour and shine of this Classic Chanel 

Chanel Boy Restoration

We transformed Frankie Bridge's Chanel Boy back to its former splendour.

Chanel Shoe Colour Change

Faded and worn we gave these boots a new lease of life!

Chanel Ballet Pump Restoration  

Chanel Ballet Pumps are a classic design that we regularly restore, due to their soft and easily stained shade of leather. 

Chanel Backpack Colour Change

Instead of purchasing new, our customer wanted to support the growing circular economy and colour change their existing Chanel Backpack. Transforming it to a classic black tone, allows her to interchange it into her wardrobe seamlessly. 

Vintage Chanel Lining Replacement

Internal linings get stained and worn with regular use. Our customer's handbag had become unusable internally and the wanted to replace the lining to an eye catching shade of pink.

Chanel Exotic Colour Change

When we change the colour of snake leather we can also restore the snake pattern to the colour change so it still looks like genuine snake scales.

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