repair your shoes at the handbag clinic

Shoe Restoration Services

Although our roots began in handbags, our leather restoration services extend to shoes and boots as well.

As master artisans and sustainable luxury experts, we can restore your items to their former glory, giving you an extra spring in your step for years to come. 

And by choosing The Handbag Clinic, you won't just look great, you can feel great, knowing you are doing your part for the planet.

Services we can offer:

repair your red soles at the handbag clinic


Our industry leading techniques allow us to often retain the original Louboutin Red Sole, otherwise we will perfectly replace the sole to provide a seamless iconic high shine finish.

repair your Louboutin heels at the handbag clinic
clean your trainers at the handbag clinic


Trainers are the unsung heroes of your everyday wardrobe. Treat them sooner, rather than later to the TLC they deserve to keep them always looking their best.

clean your luxury trainers at the handbag clinic
clean and restore your shoes at the handbag clinic


From hard working office pumps to winter boots our artisans are experts in delicately treating and teasing stubborn stains out of your shoes, adding shine, colour and our unique protection solutions to extend the life of your shoes.

clean, restore and protect your shoes at the handbag clinic
repair your heels and soles  at the handbag clinic


Don't hang up your dancing shoes just yet! Our artisans can undertake sole and heel shank replacements to ensure your shoes are looking their best for every occasion.

repair your heels and shoe soles at the handbag clinic
fix your hardware at the handbag clinic


Stocking more than a 1000 pieces, we can replace all pieces of hardware for your shoes. Furthermore, we can source unique hardware for your shoes to enhance the aesthetic of your footwear and give you a truly unique design. 

repair the hardware on your shoes at the handbag clinic
colour change your shoes at the handbag clinic


Looking to inject a new personality into your shoes or make those satin white wedding shoes suitable for every occasion? Our artisans can undertake a bespoke colour change to suit your evolving style

change the colour of your shoes at the handbag clinic
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Why Choose The Handbag Clinic for your Shoe Restoration 

Searching “Restore my shoes”? Then, The Handbag Clinic is where you want to be. 

We know it can be difficult trying to find a trustworthy artisan to restore for the right price – especially with something so precious as your dancing shoes. But, at The Handbag Clinic, you and your shoes are in safe hands.

As the leading authority on leather luxuries, we will offer you a competitive price for your service of choice to ensure that the lifespan of your shoes is prolonged and you can continue to interchange it with your closet essentials.

How It Works

Watch Our Master Artisans At Work 

see repairs by the handbag clinic
see repairs within the handbag clinic clinic
repair the structure of your bag at the handbag clinic

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