At the Handbag Clinic, we believe that selling your luxury items should be a transparent and empowering journey.

With consignment, we provide you with clear, upfront information about how much you will earn, with no hidden surprises.

Our streamlined process ensures that your luxury items are swiftly authenticated, cleaned, and marketed, minimising waiting time and maximising your convenience.

Why Choose Our Consignment Service?

Choose our consignment service for a seamless experience in selling your luxury handbag.


Enjoy complete transparency throughout the consignment process with no hidden fees or surprises.


We make selling your preloved item a luxury experience, ensuring a swift sale, we handle everything from authentication, cleaning and minor repairs to pricing and marketing.


As experts in extending the life of luxury items, trust us to unlock the highest value for your designer handbag, ensuring you get the most back from your investment.


Leveraging our targeted and highly engaged social media following, over 20% of bags sell within the first 7 days of listing.

The Handbag Clinic Consignment

£4550 Payout Amount

30 % Commission

 Other Platforms

£3000 Payout Amount

45 % Commission

The Handbag Clinic Consignment

£13200 Payout Amount

20 % Commission

 Other Platforms

£11800 Payout Amount

30 % Commission

The Handbag Clinic Consignment

£460 Payout Amount

35 % Commission

 Other Platforms

£385 Payout Amount

45 % Commission

The Handbag Clinic Consignment

£400 Payout Amount

35 % Commission

 Other Platforms

£0 Payout Amount

0 % Commission

The Handbag Clinic Consignment

£770 Payout Amount

30 % Commission

 Other Platforms

£605 Payout Amount

45 % Commission

The Handbag Clinic
Other Resellers
Upfront Offer
Guaranteed Payout
Payment Lead Time
Arrange payment as soon as the item has sold
Up to 7 days after the sale
Part of monthly payment schedule
Up to 3 months after the sale
Commission Rates
No hidden fees, we offer the highest value
Up to 25% commission
Up to 50% commission
Up to 45% commission
Enhancing the beauty - cleaning and minor repairs
Processing Time
Up to 10 days, with the exception of clinic TLC
Up to 10 weeks
Up to 6 months
Dedicated Buying Specialist
Exposure across targeted, highly engaged social channels
Communication - updates provided at each step of the process

How quickly will my bag sell?

With access to our community of handbag enthusiasts, you'll be delighted to know that over 20% of bags find new owners within just 7 days of being listed.

How much can I get for my bag?

Enjoy the best returns in the industry, with a significant portion of the selling price coming directly to you.

Expert Pricing:

Our team of experienced buyers carefully evaluate and price your items to guarantee you receive the value you deserve.

How it works?

Complete our
simple online
quote form

Complete the form for all items you would like to sell, choose the brand and upload photos.
It’s quick and easy, complete the form here.

Send your
handbag to us

Locate your nearest store for a convenient drop off or ship directly using the pre-paid label.


Our team of experts authenticate and conduct checks to ensure 100% authenticity. We clean every item, make minor repairs when necessary, professionally photograph and accurately price.

get paid

As soon as your item has sold, our team will be in touch to arrange payment.

Frequently asked questions for Consignment

  • What is Consignment?

    Consignment offers a hassle-free way to sell your bag. We will sell the item on your behalf, but you will keep legal ownership until it's sold. This means you won't receive payment until the item is sold and is how you receive the highest return.

    Consignment is a convenient way to maximise the value of your bag, we take care of everything, from authentication, cleaning, and cosmetic repairs to pricing and marketing. We're confident that our prices won’t be beaten. Our high-quality photographs and Instagram Live sessions help showcase your item in the best way possible, with more than 20% of bags selling within the first 7 days of listing. Once your bag sells, our payment team will contact you to arrange payment.

    By sending your item to the Handbag Clinic, you are accepting your initial offer.

  • What is the consignment offer price based on?

    There are a number of factors that determine the price of an item in addition to the Brand and Model:

    • Size
    • Age
    • Style
    • Condition
    • Repairs/cleaning required
    • Current market value
    • Original RRP - if applicable
  • How do you structure your payments?

    Say goodbye to payout uncertainties. We offer a pre-approved fixed rate, ensuring your payout amount remains consistent once you have accepted your offer. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

  • If my bag is reduced, what happens to my consignment?

    We will always consult you before reducing the price of your bag.* If the selling price of your bag is reduced, your consignment will also be adjusted accordingly. For instance, if the selling price is reduced by 10%, your consignment value will also decrease by the same percentage. *Please note that you have one month to respond to an invite to reduce the price of your bag, before we gain autonomy over pricing./p>

  • Will discounts impact my offer?

    No, the amount offered takes into consideration discount codes being used on the website.

  • If I choose consignment, how long will it take for my bag to sell?

    If you opt for our Consignment option, we cannot put a specific time frame on your bag selling. The time taken will be influenced by the bag's level of desirability. Items in high demand can often find new owners within the first week, where others may require a few weeks. In fact, approximately 20% of items find buyers within the initial 7 days, over 45% within 30 days, and more than 60% within 2 months.

    As per our consignment terms it can take up to 14 days for a sale to be finalised, for all appropriate fraud and security checks to be complete and for the team to manually contact you.

    We always endeavour to make contact as quickly as possible when a sale is finalised and are continuing to work on ways to improve and automate our systems where possible to reduce this time frame.

  • How can I get an update on my consignment?

    If you would like an update you can find your item on our website by searching your BMB ID in the search field.

    If you search for your bag and it's not online this can be for one of three reasons;

    1. We haven't yet processed it for sale - this can take up to 10 days.

    2. A customer has placed a deposit on the item, here, we take it offline during this period.

    3. Your item has sold, and we will be in touch shortly to arrange payment.

    Please note we will only contact you regarding your bag once it has sold and the 10 working day cooling off period has lapsed.

    If you have any questions about your item once it is on sale, please email the buying team directly - enquiries@handbagclinic.co.uk

  • What if I change my mind and would like my item back?

    If you have a change of heart and would like your pre-loved item back before the end of your Consignment period, we do offer an Early Exit option. The associated fee will vary depending on the progress of your item within our process.

    Once your Consignment period is complete, you can request the return of your item to your home address, this service is provided to for £7.95.

  • What happens if the bag is returned?

    After the bag is sold, there is a 10 working day cooling off period. If the buyer decides to return their purchase within this time, we will relist the item for sale. Once the 10 working day cooling off period is complete, our payment team will be in contact to arrange payment.

  • When will I receive my consignment payment?

    Once your bag has sold on our website there is a 10 working day cooling off period from the date of sale to allow our teams to check the sale is genuine and that the item has not been returned, as per your consignment agreement.

    Our payment team will then email you directly to obtain your account details and we aim to make payment within 3-5 working days from when these details are received, however this can take up to 14 working days during busy periods.

    *Please note, this period is increased to 28 working days for all items with a selling price above £6000

  • What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

    In the unlikely event that your bag remains unsold after the initial 12 week period, we advise to get in touch with our specialist buying team. We will already have taken the steps to encourage a sale, however, there are further steps that we can take with your agreement such as including your pre-loved item in one of our season sales.


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