repair the hardware on your shoes at the handbag clinic

Hardware Replacement

Hardware on your shoes whether decorative or functional take a lot of impact.

From zips breaking to lost studs, cracked buckles to loose heel screws, we have a solution for your shoes. With over 1000 hardware pieces stocked within our Clinic, we can provide a seamless match for hardware replacements.

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Problems we can solve

stud replacement for shoes at the handbag clinic


Are your Valentino's missing a rockstud or are your summer sandals short of an embellishment?

We stock 1000's of parts from studs and clasps to embellishments and buckles. So if we can't repair the broken hardware we'll be able to replace it with something to match.

Prices Start From £19.95

zip replacement for shoes at the handbag clinic


In a rush to get to work and tugged too hard at your zip and it's broken?

A broken zip is one of the most common issues we see with boots. However, the zip doesn't always need to be replaced as we can actually repair more zips than we replace, saving you money as well as saving your favourite boots.

Prices Start From £50

buckle and strap replacement for shoes at the handbag clinic


Are your shoes adorned with rock studs, straps or buckles?

Broken buckles or snapped straps could feel like a disaster but your items can be saved. Our artisans can recreate straps , source buckles and create bespoke solutions to make your shoes wearable once again

Prices Start From £50

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