Hermes Gallery

Hermes Birkin Restoration

This iconic Hermes Birkin came to us with badly stained panels and worn handles.

We used our expert restorative techniques to remove the staining and rejuvenate the bag.

Hermes Staining and Worn Handles

Exotic Hermes Stain Repair

This Exotic Hermes had a stain on the rear of the bag. We removed the stain and restored the area back to its original colour 

Hermes Kelly Restoration 

Restoration to a Hermes Kelly that suffered scratches and discolouration.

Hermes Birkin Colour Change

This Client wanted to reinvent their Birkin by colour changing it from Red to Black.

Hermes Kelly Pochette Colour Change

This Client was looking for a subtle but effective colour change to get more use out of her Kelly Pochette 

Hermes Colour Change

Exotic Hermes Birkin Corner Repair

Our skilled Artisan Technicians create depth and detail to exotics for a seamless finish on cracked exotic corners

Hermes Corner Repair

Customisation to Hermes Kelly 

Restoring damaged areas along with adding a splash of colour, designed bespoke with our Client to create her one of a kind Hermes Kelly 

Customisation to Hermes Bag

Restoration to White Discoloured Hermes Evelyn

White handbags are susceptible to discolouration, staining and showing surface dirt. This Evelyn was restored to its original colour.

Hermes Jypsiere Restoration 

Our client wanted us to restore the discolouration that occurred due to sun exposure and general wear.

Hermes Kelly Colour Change

This Client wanted to reinvent their Kelly bag by colour changing it from White to Black.

Exotic Hermes Handle Restoration & Ink Removal

After teasing the ink stain out, our artisans created depth and detail to the handles of this exotic Hermes Birkin, for a seamless finish. 

Restoring Vintage Hermes Kelly

Our client needed an entirely new side panel crafted for her Hermes Kelly bag. After completing this, we nourished the leather and restored the colour.

Restoration to Vintage Hermes 

Restoration of cracking and peeling leather on a Vintage Hermes Kelly 

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