How to find your serial number

Need a little assistance in locating the serial number of your designer bag? Look no further! Our handy guide below, organised by brand, will help you easily locate and verify the serial number.

Louis Vuitton

All authentic Louis Vuitton bags prior to March 2021 will have a date code. The code will either be on a leather tab situated along the seam of an interior pocket or pressed into the lining if made of suede. For suede bags, the code can also be located along the seam inside of the interior pocket, however, it can be trickier to see if faded over time.

Louis Vuitton Serial Code Example
Louis Vuitton Serial Code Example
Louis Vuitton Serial Code Example
On a Keepall and Speedy, the Serial number is as shown on photos. On a speedy it is located underneath the interior pocket.


For the majority of Gucci handbags, the serial number will be on the reverse of the ‘Gucci, Made in Italy’ leather tab. If the serial number isn’t there, it may be pressed into the leather inside a pocket.

Gucci Serial Code

Christian Dior

Most Dior bags will have the date code pressed into the reverse of the leather tab where it says ‘Christian Dior’. Any Dior bag prior to 1997 will not have a serial number.

Dior Serial Code Example
Dior Serial Code Example
On smaller leather goods, the date code is often located near the stitch line, behind a pocket.

Saint Laurent

All Saint Laurent bags will have a serial number. Most, will be printed onto a small rectangular leather tab, which is stitched into the lining of one of the interior pockets. Others, will have the serial number pressed into the interior of the pocket, as shown in the photo.

Saint Laurent Serial Code Example


The majority of Balenciaga bags, including the Classic City will have a serial number on the reverse of the leather tab which says ‘Balenciaga Paris’. On other models, such as the Hourglass, the serial number can be pressed into the leather inside of the pocket or in another area on the lining, this can be more challenging to see.

Balenciaga Serial Code Example
Balenciaga Serial Code Example


The serial number in Classic Chanels is on a sticker at the bottom of the interior lining. On other models, the serial number often appears on a small tab which pulls out from the lining.

Chanel Serial Code Example
Chanel Serial Code Example


Popular styles such as the Antigona have the date code pressed into the leather on the reverse of the leather tab.

Givenchy Serial Code Example


Celine date codes will either be on a small leather tab, usually inside a pocket, or they can be pressed into suede/leather, either along the seam of the pocket, or under the pocket, if you were to lift it up.

Celine Serial Code Example

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