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Antony Restoration

Antony Restoration

Stained English Oak Bayswater

A small stain has been removed from the front of this English Oak Leather Mulberry Bayswater.

Mulberry Alexa: Green Snake Leather


Scuffed, scratched and faded. We have completely restored the colour to the entire body of the bag.

New Twist Lock

The lock on this bag had snapped so we replaced it for a new one.

Bayswater Staining

The English Oak leather is prone to staining. Here we have removed the stain and restored the colour.


Total Colour Correction

Here we have totally transformed the colour of this old, tired and worn Bayswater.


Broken Clasp

The front clasp had broke so we replaced it for a new one.


Pink Leather Colour Loss

A small area of colour loss has been restored. We carefully match the colour of the leather before repairing the damage to ensure is perfectly blends in with the rest of the leather.


Cracked Leather Restored

This white leather Alexa came into us with bad cracking and was very dirty. Here we have fully restored the bag, which involves a deep clean, repairing any damages and then restoring the colour throughout.
We finish all restorations off with a protective treatment to help prevent future staining and dirt.


Leather Handles Restored

Day to day use of a Mulberry can result in the handles becoming dark. This is due to the leather absorbing dirt, grease and oils from the skin. We carefully extract the grease and oil before restoring the colour.


Mulberry Ink Marks

A flew splats of ink have been removed from the leather.


English Oak Greasy Handles

These leather handles have been degreased and re-coloured. Over years the leather darkens on handles as it absorbs oils from the skin. This effect can be reduce by protecting the leather with our Leather Protection Cream.


Large Water Stain

Here we have removed the remnants of a water stain and restored the colour.


Worn Corners on Pink Bag

The pink leather on the corners of this bag had become scuffed and faded. We have matched the colour of pink perfectly before restoring the colour to the damaged areas.


Mulberry Roxanne Water Stain

The bag was thoroughly cleaned and restored to remove the water stain.


Small Scuff

There was a tiny scuff on the front of this brand new Alexa. We perfectly matched the colour and repaired the damaged area.


Scuffing on a Snake Skin Alexa


The corners on this snake skin bag have suffered wear and tear causing them to become scuffed and faded. We match the colour and restored the leather before handing painting on the snake skin effect.


Torn Piping

We have repaired the piping by building up the torn area with specialist glues and fillers. We then match the colour to the surrounding leather and restore it so it blends in.


Water Stained Bayswater

Cleaned and Restored.


Split Piping

Here the piping has split sticking out from the leather. We have repaired the damaged area and restored the colour.


Worn Corners on a Mulberry

Repaired the scuffing and restored the colour.


Scuffed Corners


This beige bag has lost its colour on the corners. With a careful colour match the leather has been perfectly restored.