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Shoe Colour Change

The owner of these Jimmy Choo Shoes wanted to give them a radically different colour. We worked with the customer to select the perfect colour, and our technicians gave the shoes a new lease of life!

Snake Skin Repair

The colour on this Snake Skin Jimmy Choo had worn off exposing a white patch. 
By hand we have restored the colour by carefully painting the snake skin pattern back onto the bag.

Full Leather Restoration 

This bag had become faded and scratched with use. 
When we restore the leather we clean the bag thoroughly, repair any scratches and then restore the colour throughout. 
Finally we protect the leather with Leather Protection Cream to help prevent future staining.

Large Dye Transfer Stain

Dark jeans caused a large dye stain on this lovely tan bag. We removed the stain and then restored the colour.

Leather Colour Change

Here we have changed the colour fo this Jimmy Choo bag from Cream to Black.

Water Stain

When we restored the water stained area on this bag we had to carefully mask off all the metal stars.

New Purse

This purse has been changed to black!

Unknown Stain

Here we have removed a small stain and restored the colour.

White to Black

Bored of your bags colour? Change it completely. Here we have changed the colour from white to black.

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