FAQ - Selling

How can I receive a quote for my bag?

To receive an estimate quote please submit pictures and as much information as possible about your bags online, using our online Buy My Bag Form

Can I drop my bag into a store without receiving an online estimate?

We ask clients to receive an online quote prior to visiting a store, however if it is not convenient for you to upload your item/s to our online system, you can visit a store and out team will assist you in doing so. 

Please click on your nearest store below to view their opening hours:



Newcastle: Fenwick

Colchester: Fenwick

I don't live near one of your stores, how can I get my bag to you?

If you do not live near one of our stores, we offer a prepaid DPD label which is available once you accept your offer. 

To proceed with a prepaid DPD label, we will need your home address and, you can take it to your nearest DPD Drop Off Location (which can be found on the DPD website).

Alternatively, you can also contact us to arrange a collection, this carries a minimum charge of £10.00. There will be a charge to have the item sent back to you if required – our delivery charges start from £7.95.

Which brands do you buy?

  • Alexander McQueen 
  • Alexander Wang 
  • Anya Hindmarch
  • Balenciaga 
  • Bottega Veneta 
  • Burberry 
  • Cartier
  • Christian Louboutin 
  • Dior 
  • Dolce & Gabbana 
  • Fendi 
  • Givenchy 
  • Gucci 
  • Goyard
  • Hermes 
  • Jimmy choo 
  • Loewe 
  • Louis Vuitton 
  • Miu Miu 
  • Mulberry 
  • Prada 
  • Saint Laurent 
  • Stella McCartney 
  • Tom Ford 
  • Valentino 
  • Victoria Beckham 

Please note there may be certain models or styles with in these brands we do not accept. 

How long will it take to receive an Online Quote?

We aim to assess your online submission within 2 business days. Please note at busy periods that this time frame could be longer.

How long will it take for my bag to be assessed?

Once your item has arrived at our HQ, we aim to assess your bag within 1-2 working days. Please note that for Hermes items, this time frame may be longer.

Do I need to provide my original receipt?

No, you do not need to provide your original receipt, as it is not necessary in authenticating an item. However, if you do – it may make the assessment stage slightly quicker, but we would not keep the receipt once the assessment is complete. This is due to data protection and your receipt will be destroyed to protect your personal information.

Does it matter if I don’t have the original dustbag/box?

No, we accept bags without original dustbags and boxes. However, your offer could be slightly higher with all the original elements as this makes your bag more desirable to customers!

Do I have to pay for my bag to be repaired before selling?

If your item requires minor restorative work, this will be factored in to the price and will therefore be automatically deducted from your offer; however we only do this to increase the value of your item and therefore your selling price will be based off the condition grading we expect post the work being carried out. Basic cleaning is carried out free of charge 

What is the price based on?

• Size

• Age

• Style

• Condition

• Repairs/Cleaning required 

• Current Market Value 

• Original RRP - if applicable 

Each item is assessed by our skilled Buying Team and they will determine the best offer for your item.

Your offer is valid for a period of up to 30 days. After this time, the bag will need to be reassessed of collected.

Why can’t I see my bag online?

If you have any questions about your item once it is on sale, please contact the Buying Team directly at buymybag@handbagclinic.co.uk. Otherwise, we’ll be in touch when your item has sold. We kindly ask for clients to ONLY contact us if their item has been offline for more than 14 days and they have not received any correspondence from our team.

It can take up to 14 days for a sale to be finalised, all appropriate Fraud and Security checks to be complete and the team to manually contact you. We always endeavour to contact clients as quickly as possible when a sale is finalised.

How will you authentic my bag?

Specialising in Luxury Handbags for 10 years, our expert Authenticators are fully trained in how to authenticate the brands we buy. Each brand and specific vintage has different criteria that we look for when authenticating and our extensive brand bibles cover everything from 1940's Hermes to bags created today. As we also specialise in Handbag Restoration we also have a unique insight into the construction of all brands and models, being able to look further than the usual authentication identifiers such as serial numbers, hardware and logos, expertly assessing the construction, materials used and even the type of stitch used.

All bags are appraised multiple times during our processes and our skilled Authenticators are equipped with the perfect mix of intuition and attention to detail along with our robust training processes. If our Assistant Buyers have any uncertainty about an item this will then be checked by our Senior Buyer and/or Head of Authentication.

What happens if my bag is not authentic?

We would simply wait for you to collect your item from one of our stores or organise the return to your home address – which incurs a delivery charge of £7.95. We do not detain counterfeit goods but do ask that you collect the item within two weeks or receiving your assessment or we may be required to dispose of your item. If your item is deemed as not authentic, there will be a charge of £24.95 to cover the cost of the authentication process – which is a chargeable service that we do provide.

I’m not sure if my bag is real, could you authenticate it for me?

As mentioned above, this is a service that we proudly provide. Please see our Authenticate service for more information.

What happens if I decide I want my bag within the initial 3 month Selling Agreement?

In the event that you request your item to be returned once it has been processed and/or before the initial 3 month Sales Agreement has ended, you will incur a minimum charge of £7.95. This will increase depending on where in the Buying process you item is, up to the value of £60- £100, plus any charges incurred for any cleaning and restorative work carried out on your item. 


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