FAQ - Restore

What types of treatment do you offer?

We offer a huge range of cleaning and colour work services and treatments at Handbag Clinic from basic cleaning to full restoration and colour change services. We also offer a range of stitch repairs to resolve everything from simple stitch work to full lining replacements. Please visit our Gallery for some examples of work we have carried out or submit your bag for an assessment using our Online Quote form.

Do you only repair handbags?

We can clean, restore and repair all leather good including shoes, wallets, jackets and accessories.

Do you have a price list?

We don’t have a set price list available as each item must be assessed before we are able to give an exact price. As our clients’ needs are unique we have a range of bespoke solutions to clean, restore or repair your item.

How do I receive an assessment?

We have retail locations across the UK and abroad, you can visit one of our stores for a free assessment by our trained Sales Consultants.

If you would like to get an estimated quote online before visiting one of our stores you can submit photographs and a brief description of your requirements using our online quote form.

Visiting a store isn’t convenient for me, can I send my item to you?

Using our Online Quote Form we can give you an estimate quote for your item, we can then send you a printable UPS label allowing you to courier the bag to us free of charge. All we need is your home address and you can either take it to your nearest UPS Access Point which can be found on the UPS Website. You can also contact UPS to arrange a collection. There will be a charge to have the item sent back to you, our delivery charges start from £7.95.

How long will my cleaning/restoration/repair take?

Our lead times slightly fluctuate depending on demand, your Sales Consultant will be able to give you an estimated time frame once your bag has been assessed. Currently our lead times vary from two weeks – eight weeks depending on the treatment your item requires.

What if I have a key event or holiday and need my bag back by a certain date?

If you have a key event, holiday or occasion that is with in 14 days of your estimated completion date please let us know at the earliest convenience and we will aim to meet this for you. Please note that these slots in our Clinic are limited and will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

When do I make payment?

We take payment prior to any work being carried out on the item, your estimated lead time will not commence until we have received appropriate authorisation and payment to go ahead with the work.

Will you provide me with a copy of the works being carried out to my item?

Your Sales Consultant will detail the bespoke requirements for your item and go through this with you prior to any work being carried out on your item. Once we have received your authorisation to go ahead with the work and payment has been made you will be emailed an order confirmation containing your unique job reference number, the work being carried out, the estimated lead time and a link to our Terms and Conditions.

Is my bag insured while with you?

Your bag is insured while in transit and in our Clinic for fire, loss or theft.

I have received my order confirmation and would like to edit or cancel the work due to be carried out on my item?

You must let us know of any changes or cancellation to the work due to be carried out on your item within 72 hours of receiving the order confirmation.

I would like to receive an update on my item, how do I receive this?

You can receive an update to your completion date with in 14 days prior to your original estimated completed date provided to you in store. Please contact updates@handbagclinic.co.uk and quote your ID number to request an update.

What do I do if I have a query or issue with my Item that has been Restored with you recently?

Upon receipt of your item please let us know if you are not satisfied with in 72 hours of receiving the bag by emailing abby.carter@handbagclinic.co.uk quoting your ID number.

Do you offer a warranty on your restoration services?

Our repair/restoration services are under warranty for 12 months which includes but is not limited to stitch work, metal work, tears to leather tabs and zips. We will swiftly repair or replace these for you in the event there has been no signs of overloading, over stuffing or misuse. General wear and tear will not be covered however if you have an issue with the pigment or colour that you feel exceeds general wear and tear of your leather with in the first 3 months of receiving your bag please contact us for further advice.


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