Getting on the Handbag Ladder: Top Tips

Are you asking what the best first designer purchase should be?

Easy, one that fills you with excitement. But, if you shop wisely, it can also be a lucrative investment that you can cash in on later to move yourself further up the handbag ladder.

The Handbag Clinic was created by this very ethos. Charlotte Staerck, our CEO and Founder always had a strong passion for handbags and an understanding of the importance of sustainability, but it was with her first “high street” version of a designer brand that really led to her entrepreneurial spirit kicking in. She flipped this bag to put towards her very first designer purchase (one of the very bags she recommends here) and continues to benefit from this strategy until this very day - having recently purchased her first Hermes Kelly

So, here’s Charlotte’s expert tips on what bags to buy now to help you reach the top.



shop mulberry Bayswater's at the handbag clinic

Whether it be the Heritage or the New, Charlotte recommends sticking to a key colour - black, putty, rose water or taupe are great choices.

“So many people think the classic oak or oxblood will be a good investment, and although their popularity doesn’t seem to be wavering, this vegetable tanned leather can be tricky to care for and is not one that I would recommend for a bag you’ll want on your arm every day”.

Since 2015, Mulberry Bayswater bags have slightly increased in value but most importantly have seen no reductions. Mulberry did try to drop the Bayswater Heritage from its range but due to outcries from the fashion community they brought it straight back. So, clear to say this is a safe and functional investment piece that won’t be going away anytime soon. What more could you want?

shop mulberry bayswater at the handbag clinic


shop Gucci Jackie's at the handbag clinic

Although this classic Gucci style has never fallen out of fashion, it was brought back this year in a big way. Their most recent Gucci Jackie campaign with Dakota Johnson shows the versatility this bag - bringing it out from the back of wardrobes and onto the upper east side.

Although these items may cost you over £1000 new from Gucci, you can still snap up versions of this iconic piece for as little as £450 pre-owned. And, due to the iconic shape and lock being the driving factors behind this bags timelessness, Charlotte suggests that “even a vintage version is a great investment.”
shop Gucci Jackie's at the handbag clinic


Shop lV Speedy bags at the handbag clinic

Despite being created in 1930, the Louis Vuitton Speedy really shot to popularity in 1965 after having been worn by Audrey Hepburn – and since that time it has drifted in and out of “must have” lists.

Charlotte says, “The Speedy is truly the comeback king, versatile, the perfect size - 30-35 being my preferred sizing - but it also holds value and is easy to care for. I love the classic LV Monogram but your safest bet for investment is the Damier Ebene. Just watch out for the corners beginning to wear and avoid placing it on floors where possible.”

Speaking as a true handbag investor, she also adds, “Handbags are like stocks and shares, you need to know the perfect time to buy and sell. Speedy’s are having a slight lull at the moment, which means you are most likely able to snap up a bargain which will pay off next time this wardrobe staple comes back around”.

Shop LV Speedy bags at the handbag clinic

buy jacquemus at the handbag clinic today

The height of social media envy and a good investment, sign us up! Jacquemus have cemented themselves as sitting alongside, Mulberry, Gucci and Celine as a brand that we want on our arms - and there is no sign of this fading.

According to Charlotte, “this is the only brand I would say you can safely go bold with, the bright colours are part of the bag’s charm. I would though stay with the pinks, lilacs and blue palettes to get the best return on your item. These currently resell for 15-20% off RRP which is a signal of a strong contender for handbag royalty.”

Condition though is key to getting the most out of your investment purchase. Charlotte adds “Pigmented ungrained leather used by Jacquemus makes these bags much easier to maintain and restore. If something goes wrong, a quick trip to the Clinic will get your Le Chiquito looking like new again”.

Shop Jacquemus at The Handbag Clinic
Shop with confidence at The Handbag Clinic. Authenticity guaranteed, free returns and international shipping available to ensure handbag lovers far and wide can get on the ladder. 

Furthermore, should you wish to sell your bag back to us within a year, you can utilise our Circle Back scheme and secure 70% of the value. First time customers can utilise £20 off orders over £250 using WELCOME20 and £50 off orders over £1,000 using WELCOME50, what are you waiting for?

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