Discover Why Vintage Handbags Are an Investment.

Handbag Clinic December 23, 2020

‘Vintage’ can often carry the negative connotations of being old, worn and unloved. However, when it comes to handbags, more often than not this couldn’t be further from the truth, as you’ll discover below... 

Let’s take our minds back to the early 00s. Do you remember Sarah Jessica Parkers character Carrie Bradshaw? (silly question, we know!) From Manolo Blahniks to Fendi’s cult Baguette bag; her protagonists style constantly sparked worldwide trends… which remain active to this day! 

Below, we’re going to guide you through some staples that are available at Handbag Clinic and discuss how each is an investment you don’t want to miss out on!

Quilted Chanel:

Need we say more? 

For those of you that are cautious about purchasing designer handbags, then a Quilted Vintage Chanel will be your best friend. 

For example, if you brought a Classic Chanel design back in 2010, then you really are a wise woman because the cost of these bags has risen by 70% since then, as a result of major inflation. Thus, making Chanel a smarter investment than a house as this particular market has experienced a minimal rise in inflation and wouldn’t bring you the same return. 

Stylistically, a Quilted Chanel will enhance your capsule wardrobe due to its seamless but striking nature. It will partner beautifully with an array of outfits to elevate your look and quite frankly, you will never want to put this purchase down! 

Fendi Baguette:

No, this is not a sandwich Karen. This was the IT bag of all young, cosmopolitan women. A baguette bag is as sought after today as it was all those years ago. Its sleek shape and simplistic design appeals to an eclectic mix of individuals, who strive for fashion individuality in an ever-growing crowd of uniformity. 

Now, as 2021 approaches, the Fendi Baguette still holds a special place in the heart of young & frivolous women; but also, in yours as you look back nostalgically at your youthful years. 

The Fendi Baguette bag, in particular, became synonymous with the concept of ‘trends’ after its cameo in Sex in the City. As a result of its mass appeal on the big screens, it remains a firm favourite of fashion-conscious individuals to this day & thus, is an investment you don’t want to miss! 

Burberry Nova Check:

Is there a more iconic print than the distinct Burberry tartan plaid? 

Whilst their traditional print previously hosted luxury and a distinctive character, it suffered in the 1990s; due to Burberry finding favour among football fans, who adopted the check as a uniform. Whilst this temporarily damaged Burberry’s exclusive positioning, they rose to the challenge and secured themselves as a prominent and innovative British brand once again; their tartan plaid handbags paid homage to this throughout the 00’s.

As this decade closes, the passion for Burberry has reignited and their iconic designs are a sought-after staple for luxe street wear. 

Guccissima Canvas:

By now, you may be thinking this content is ‘canvas heavy’, but canvas remains synonymous with vintage styles. 

It demonstrates the seamless transition between canvas being originally utilised as a practical tool and it then transitioning to being at the forefront of fashion fluidity.  

The Guccissima canvas collection was established in 2006 (following Frida Giannini becoming Gucci’s creative director). It adorns a variety of staple styles, including but not exclusive to the: Ophidia Shoulder Bag, the iconic Jackie design, the Padlock Shoulder Tote… 

Incorporating this classic design is a chić tool to not only elevate your look but makes a worthwhile vintage investment.

We look forward to assisting you on your Handbag Clinic journey & can't wait to see what vintage pieces you invest in! Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts 👜✨


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