Chloe: Our Favourites

Chloé has always been known for creating cult handbags. It is not unusual to see their newest designs on the arms of many a celeb and influencer. We still remember the original cult bag, the Paddington, which was introduced back in 2005 and featured a relaxed silhouette and heavy padlock detail – to this day, we still see those same Paddington’s snapped up quickly, so it is no surprise Chloé’s newer styles are getting just as much of a cult status… Here, we take a look at 6 of our top favourites, and best yet, we have them available right now, pre-owned, and ready to be your new best friend in your collection.

1. Chloe C

We are particularly loving the mini Chloe C, which is structured, yet petite – so the perfect addition for day or evening wear. Though this piece is small, it is deceptively roomy, so perfect for all your essentials whilst adding a touch of sophisticated glamour to your look!

The Chloe C is incredibly understated and elegant. The range comes in a gorgeous array of colours such as a rich deep chocolate and soft blue hues, as well as the classic neutral selection. The collection comes in a variety of silhouettes; so, there is something perfect for every preference.

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2. The Tess Saddle Bag

Saddlebags have become a staple accessory in any collection, and the Chloé Tess bag is the epitome of the everything we have come to know and love about them. The style comes in small and large, as well as a vast number of colourways. We are loving this stunning oxblood Tess, which will look perfect with all your Autumnal looks.

3. Drew Bijou

The new Drew Bijou is reminiscent of a jewellery box, with feminine quilting to the body of the bag as well as bracelet-inspired chain strap. We love to see this gorgeous piece carried elegantly by the brass chain, as this striking piece elevates even a casual look to something super striking. 

The Drew Bijou is a stunning twist on a Chloe piece we are already familiar with.

4. The Nile  

We have all seen jewellery inspired handbags across the market – even the highstreet are doing it! Chloe is where this gorgeous trend started, with the Nile bag, which features the iconic bracelet gold circle handle. The Nile bag rocketed to cult status in 2017, and there is no sign of its popularity dulling any time soon. 

We adore it in this gorgeous exotic finish.

5. The Drew

The Drew remains a street style favourite due to its understated curved silhouette with gold tone finished hardware and chain details. The Drew is perfect for every day and comes in a variety of sizes – you often see the Drew in striking contrasting colour tones, but for something more appropriate for the office or a shopping trip we recommend something more understated like this multi-tonal neutral offering.

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5. The Faye

There is no denying the retro feel of the 70’s inspired Fayre bag, with similar jewellery inspired detailing to the Drew and Nile bags. Though the Faye was first introduced in 2015, we still see this beauty sported by many bloggers and celebrities now in 2020. It is worth investing in a Faye, as this has without doubt became a true Chloe classic.

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