Do You Know the Secrets Behind Hermès Stamping?

Leigh-Anne Basaraba September 24, 2021
Secrets of Hermès Stamping

Secrets of Hermès Stamping

To the untrained eye, Hermès Stamping will appear ambiguous and even irrelevant, but in reality, each stamp tells a unique story.

Hermès refer to these markings as ‘Blind Stamps’. Essentially, it’s a code that indicates the date of manufacture and can be utilised to determine the authenticity of each bag. 

The iconicity of Hermès has been retained throughout its 180-year tenure as the leading luxury fashion brand. Handbag Clinic have curated this guide to share the secrets of the stamping, we know you won’t be disappointed…

Leather Stamps:

If you’re wondering what is meant when we discuss stamping/blind stamps, look no further. 

We are referring to the Hermés logo embossed in gold or silver print (complimentary to the corresponding hardware).

Below, we’ve broken down the core leather blind stamps. It’s important to note that alongside letters/shapes, there can be additional numbers which signify the section of the atelier in which the bag maker works.

Alphabet Hermès Stamping

Alphabet Hermès Stamping

Hermès Circle Stamping

Hermès Circle Stamping

Hermès Square Stamping

Hermès Square Stamping

When analysing Hermès blind stamps, it’s important to know that you may come across unique stamps.

The shooting star, situated under the stamp, signifies a product that was created for a Hermès craftsman’s personal use. Whilst a debossed ‘S’ indicates that an item has been purchased at a discounted employee rate.

Hermès Shooting Star & S Stamps

Hermès Shooting Star & S Stamps

Exotic Stamps:

Annually, Hermès release a cult collection of exotic designs, crafted in an array of rare, scaled leathers. 

The prestige of these leather types is made apparent in the blind stamps: 

The Square (☐):

This symbol is used to identify an item as being made using Alligator Mississippiensis.

The Carat (^):

This pointed symbol is added to an item when Crocodile Porosus is used.

The Double Dots (..):

The shortened ellipsis symbolizes when an item is made using Crocodile Niloticus.

The Dash (-):

This unassuming dash symbolizes when Varanus Niloticus Lizard is used.

The Equal Sign (=):

The equal sign is used to represent when Varanus Salvator Lizard has been used to create a particular item. 

Hermès Exotic Stamping

Hermès Exotic Stamping

Where To Find the Stamp?

When looking for the date stamp, the first places to look are:

·   The inside of the bag

·   Under the tab (depending on the model)

·      On either side of the strap

Each type of Hermès has its own specific area where the code can be found, however, these will change depending on the year they were manufactured. 

Until the most recent T stamp (2015), the stamp was always on the internal sangle and it’s now moved to the inside of the bag.

For example, the date stamps on the Hermès Birkin’s and Kelly’s can often be found on the interior panel of the bag, or the exterior arm. Whereas, the Constance stamp is commonly found on the middle interior panel. 

Where To Find Hermès Stamps

Where To Find Hermès Stamps

The Mystery of the Horseshoe:

If you spot a horseshoe to the left of the stamping, then you’re in the company of a bespoke Hermès.

The horseshoe is displayed on each custom Hermès product and signifies the brands heritage of saddle crafting. 

It demonstrates the owner is recognised by Hermès as a top collector and that the item fits their specific requirements. Whether this be internal/external variations in colourways or an alternative brushed finish for the hardware, there will be a detail that distinguishes that design from any others. 

The process of deciding and crafting your specifications with the Hermès artisans will take months, and in some cases even a year. 

Hermès Horseshoe Stamping

Hermès Horseshoe Stamping

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