Colour Changing a Lady Dior

From bright statement colours to seasonal tones, here at Handbag Clinic we can change the colour of your handbag to any colour of your choice. Our Artisans are highly trained in the Colour Matching Process, by using this method we can achieve any colour, whether it be your favourite shade, to match another item or just a colour that is missing from your wardrobe. This is the perfect treatment for those handbags or shoes that you don’t want to part with but need new lease of life.

The Lady Dior is an iconic style that can be worn all year round. A simple but classic tote with statement Cannage leather makes this the perfect everyday handbag. This has been booked into our Clinic for the Full Colour Change Treatment to be transformed from white to a vibrant orange. This client saw one of our notebooks in store and loved the colour and decided it was the perfect colour for her Lady Dior


A deep clean removes dirt within the leather fibres.

Step 1

The first step in the process is to deep clean the bag to remove any ingrained dirt deep within the leather fibres. Our specialist leather cleaner has been created by our team of experts to ensure the best possible results; this is the same product featured in our Leather Care Kits and can be used at home for basic maintenance. The process will be repeated by our Artisans until the bag is ready for the next stage of the process.

Step 2

We then begin to prepare the leather ready to apply the new colour. Our Preparation Fluid removes any coating that has previously been applied to the leather, this allows our leather colourant to absorb into the leather achieving the best possible outcome.

Preparation fluid allows our leather colourant to be absorbed

Leather Strengthening Solution is applied

Step 3

In the next step we apply our Leather Strengthening Solution, this is applied to the areas of the handbag showing any signs of wear. The solution strengthens weakened or scuffed leather, most commonly found on the corners of the handbag. By strengthening these areas this restores the leather ensuring long lasting results.

Step 4

We then create the colour; our Artisans are trained in the art of colour matching and can create any shade. If a client is looking to match their item to an item that is not leather we will send them samples of the colour on small pieces of leather, as colours appear slightly different depending on the material of surface they are applied to and the finish (shine) they desire. The Leather Colourant is then filtered to ensure a perfectly smooth application.

Our Artisans are trained colour specialists
The inspiration for the colour came from this Notebook
Leather Colourant is filtered to ensure a perfectly smooth application
Colourant is applied to detailed areas to ensure full coverage

Step 5

After the leather has been thoroughly prepared, we begin to add the colourant. Firstly, we start with all the detailed areas, using a fine brush we cover edges, seams and fine detail areas to ensure every small hard to reach area of the bag is covered.

Step 6

We then apply a base level of colourant using, on this occasion using a sponge application, to ensure full coverage of the stitch lines of the iconic quilted design. By using this technique, the colourant absorbs into these areas evenly to achieve a perfect finish once fully coloured.

A sponge is used to cover the stitch lines
Applying misted colourant allows for the preservation of the surface texture

Step 7

All hardware is carefully masked to ensure these areas are protected throughout the colour work process. Using an airbrush, fine layers of the colorant are misted over the bag to ensure an even full coverage. This method also helps to preserve the texture of the delicate lambskin leather.

Step 8

Finally, using a fine brush any necessary touch ups are carried out. We then seal this with our specially formulated finish which can be either Matt, High Gloss or anywhere within this scale the customer desires for a fully bespoke service. We then apply our Protection Treatment, this also conditions the leather adding softness and protecting against sun damage, liquid spillages including ink and ensuring longevity of these stunning results.

Final touch ups are performed before sealing with a formulated finish.

We recommend all clients carry out regular cleaning and protection maintenance at home to ensure they get the most out of their treatment. Our Care Kits have everything you need to care for your items at home, each kit will clean and protect an item of this size around 10 -12 times. 

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To receive a quote for your handbag to be cleaned, restored or colour changed, please fill in our Online Quote or visit your nearest Handbag Clinic Store.

You can see the full transformation in the video below.

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