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 Hermes Kelly Pochette Colour Change

Birkin Corner Repair

Corner Repair 

Diamond Collection of Croc Hermes Birkins

We've cleaned & restored some amazing Hermes Birkins over the years. Here's a collection of exotic Crocodile Birkins that each have diamonds encrusted onto the hardware. These are super rare bags and we've loved working on them.

Brown Birkin Scuffed Leather


A very common problem we encounter with Birkins is wear & tear on the bottom corners. As the bag is used the leather scuffs and slowly loses it's colour. We match the colour precisely before carefully hand colouring the damage.


Faded Hermes Kelly

This black Kelly had badly faded but was lovingly restored with a Full Restoration.


Black Croc Birkin

We have experts within The Clinic who are dedicated to only restoring Exotic Leathers. This means we can treat your precious leathers to the most personal service. Here we have restored the colour to the Crocodile Leather where it has faded and scuffed.


Complete Colour Restoration

With age the colour can totally fade on Hermes Handbags. Here we have carried out a Full Leather Restoration. This consists of of cleaning the inside and outside of the bag, fixing any damage, restoring the colour throughout and sealing.
The final stage is an application of Protection Cream to help prevent staining.


Orange Croc Birkin


Another example of an exotic leather we've restored. This example shows how intricate the process is where a specialist technician hand paints varying colours onto the bag to restore the colour and lustre. All crocodile leather is then polished with an agate stone.


Pink Ostrich Hermes

This Birkin was unfortunately stained with oil. We cleaned the leather and restored the colour keeping the lovely look and feel to the leather.


Orange Ostrich Birkin

The handles have become greasy with use and the corners scuffed. Using specialist products and time perfected techniques we have successfully restored this beautiful bag.


Black Leather Kelly Restoration

Faded and scratched this vintage Kelly had seen better days. When we restore vintage Hermes we always use more sympathetic restoration techniques to ensure they retain their vintage look and feel


Scuffed Leather on a Brown Birkin

The corners on this Birkin have scuffed and lost their colour. The main damage we see on most Hermes Birkin handbags. With a carefully matched colour the damage has become invisible.


Vintage Croc Kelly

Here we have carefully restored the faded colour in this vintage croc Hermes Kelly. The black leather has faded and become scuffed in areas along the strap.
Before restoring the colour we applied a strengthening agent that soaks into the damaged leather helping to re-strengthen the weak areas. This will make the leather last longer once restored.


Hermes Birkin Colour Change to Orange

Our customer had a Blue Birkin but was fed up with the colour. Supplied with an Orange Hermes Bracelet we matched it's colour and then changed the colour of the handbag to match the bracelet.


Hermes Trunk

This vintage trunk had been damaged on the inside.We carefully restored the colour to blend in with the rest of the interior.


Red Hermes Restoration

Full Leather Restoration on a red leather handbag. As well as restoring the leather we had to remove the initialing and stickers!


Blue Ostrich Birkin Staining

This lovely electric blue leather was stained with a dark oil. To remove oil from leather we slowly soak it out before restoring the colour to blend it in with the rest of the bag.


Pink Ostrich Birkin Water Stain

Disaster! This lovely Birkin was placed down in a wet spill, which the leather instantly soaked in. We managed to clean and restore the leather successfully removing the water stain.


Caramel Birkin Changed to Pink


We changed the colour of this bag inside and out. This is a time consuming job, which took our head technician a week to complete. As shown careful detail is taken when changing the colour around the embossed logo.