We have three unique parts to our website; Buying, Selling and Restoring. Beneath the image below you'll find a link to each of the frequently asked question pages for those elements of our website. With each FAQ page we aim to answer the majority of question you may have as a customer, however if there is anything not covered on there, please feel free to contact us, or call into one of our stores.

Buy: Choose this FAQ if you're looking to purchase a pre-owned handbag from us.

Sell: Choose this FAQ if you're looking to sell your unused or unwanted handbags to us.

Restore: Choose this FAQ if you have a handbag or other item of leather that requires cleaning, repairing or restoration. 

We hope that with this FAQ section we have been able to successfully answer any questions you may have had. If you still need help or advice please feel free to contact us, or call into one of our stores.

Some links to other sections of our website that might also answer your questions:

Handbag Repair - This section explains in detail about all the service we offer for cleaning, repairing and restoring Handbags.

Handbag Gallery - This section showcases by brand the type of work we do and the results you can expect. This section is great because it allows you to view a range of cleans/restorations that we have done on each brand of bag.

Sell Your Bags -  This section explains about the various options you have to sell a bag to us. 


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