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FAQ: Selling Your Designer Bag

How can I receive a quote for me bag?

To receive an estimate quote please submit pictures and as much information as possible about your bags online, using our online Buy My Bag Form

Can I just drop my bag into a store without receiving an online estimate?

You can bring your bags directly to us for a quote is this is more convenient for you. We will need to hold the bags for three to five working days to carry out all the necessary assessments and get a confirmed offer to you. Please note for Hermes bags, this time frame will be longer, as they must be sent to our Head Buyer for assessment.

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I don’t live near one of your stores, how can I get my bag to you?

If you do not live near one of our stores, we offer a prepaid UPS label which we can email you once . All we need is your home address and you can either take it to your nearest UPS Access Point which can be found on the UPS website;  You can also contact UPS to arrange a collection. There will be a charge to have the item sent back to you if required, our delivery charges start from £7.95.

Which brands do you buy?

 Alexander McQueen 

 Alexander Wang 

 Anya Hindmarch

 Balenciaga 

 Bottega Veneta 

 Burberry 

 Cartier

 Christian Louboutin 

 Dior 

 Dolce & Gabbana 

 Fendi 

 Givenchy 

 Gucci 

 Hermes 

 Jimmy choo 

 Loewe 

 Louis Vuitton 

 Miu Miu 

 Mulberry 

 Prada 

 Saint Laurent 

 Stella McCartney 

 Tom Ford 

 Valentino 

 Victoria Beckham 

Please note there may be certain models or styles with in these brands we do not accept. 

How long will it take for my bag to be assessed online?

We aim to assess your online submission within 72 working hours. Please note at busy periods this time frame could be longer.

How long will it take for my bag to be assessed in store?

We aim to assess your bag in store within three to five working days. Please note for Hermes bags, this time frame will be longer, as they must be sent to our Head Buyer for assessment. 

Do I need my original receipt? 

No, you do not need your original receipt, as it is not necessary to authenticate a bag. However, if you do, it does make the assessment stage slightly quicker. But, we would not keep your original receipt, due to data protection.

I can’t find the original dust bag/ box, does this matter?

No, we accept bags without original dust bags and boxes. However, your offer could be slightly higher with all original elements as this makes your bag more desirable! 

What offers will I receive?

We will offer you up to three options for your bag, based on our criteria. 

We could offer you a Cash Offer, which would be a bank transfer. This will only be processed once the bag has been processed by our central buying team. 

A Store Voucher which can be used within 12 months at any of our stores or in our clinic. 

The final option is Consignment, which means you receive 60%- 70% of the selling price, once your bag has sold. Please note, you may not receive all three options. 

What is the price based on?

• Size

• Age

• Style

• Condition

• Repairs/Cleaning required 

• Current Market Value 

• Original RRP – if applicable 

I have my offers but can’t decide what option to go with. 

There’s no pressure, we will hold your bag in store until you decide which option is best for you up to a period of 4 weeks. After this time, the bag will need to be reassessed or collected.

If I opt for Consignment, where will my bag be sold? 

If you opt for Consignment your bag will be sold online and will also be placed in one of our stores. Our buying team will select the most suitable store for your bag to be placed in but all stores will be able to sell the item via a store transfer. 

If I opt for the Consignment option, how long will it take for my bag to sell?

If you opt for our Consignment option, unfortunately we cannot put a specific time frame on your bag selling. Please note we will only contact you regarding your bag once it has sold or when your three month period has come to an end. 

If I opt for the Consignment option, what happens after the three month period?

Once the bag has sold you will receive an email from our Buying Team requesting your bank details for payment. Once we have this you should receive your payment within five working days. 

If your bag does not sell within the three months, your bag would be reassessed, or you can choose to take the bag back. No changes would be made without your consent!

How will you authenticate my bag?

Here at Handbag Clinic we are 100% against counterfeit handbags and we have a dedicated Buying Team that are trained to authenticate all Brands we buy. Each brand is assessed differently, however there are main areas that transcend all brands such as; quality, craftsmanship, logo detailing and sizing. 

All bags are appraised firstly by a member of the Buying Team and secondly by a Senior Buyer. This ensures all bags are double checked before being purchased. 

What happens if my bag is not authentic? 

We would simply wait for you to collect your bag from our store. We do not detain counterfeit goods but ask you collect the item within four weeks of receiving your assessment. 

I’m not sure if my bag is real, could you authenticate it for me?

 Yes, please contact your nearest Handbag Clinic Store to arrange this.