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Chanel Gallery


Vintage Chanel Restoration

Full Restoration of Vintage Classic Chanel

White Chanel Bag Restoration

Classic Chanel Restoration

Restoration removing scuffing, staining and dye transfer 

Dye Transfer Removal Chanel Bag


Black Chanel Flap Bag Restoration 

Amazing restoration of this Classic Chanel Flap bag, restoring colour and shine 

Chanel Restoration



Chanel Restructuring 

Our technicians replaced the specialist stiffening material in both the front and back panels of this Grand Shopper Tote, restoring its natural support.

Chanel Stiffener Restructuring

Chanel Exotic Colour Change 

When we change the colour of snake leather we can also restore the snake pattern to the colour change so it still looks like genuine snake scales.

Exotic Chanel Restoration


Chanel Panel Colour Change

This is an amazing transformation to a lovely matt black finish.

Colour Chanel Chanel Bag


Chanel Shoe Colour Change

Faded and worn we gave these pumps a new lease of life!

Chanel Show Restoration