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Chanel Clean and Restoration

Chanel Restored To Original Colour

Classic Black Chanel Restored

When we restore a Classic Chanel we clean the inside and outside of the bag before fixing any scuffing or scratching to the bag.
Using a specialist lamb skin finish we then restore the colour to the bag. The leather is un-stitched and removed from the chain and restored separately before being woven back into the chain.
Finally the leather is protected to help prevent future staining.

White Chanel Staining

The back pocket on this bag has become dirty and stained with use.
We have carefully cleaned the leather to remove the staining and then restored the colour to make it look new again.

Black Leather Chanel Restoration

This bag had our Full Leather Restoration service. Whenever we restore a lambskin Chanel we always use a specialist lambskin finish, which gives the leather a soft and silky feel.

Black Leather Vintage Chanel Restoration

Full Leather Restoration on this vintage bag.

Black Leather Chanel Restoration

We get loads of black Chanel handbags in to be fully restored. Here's another!


Blue Leather Colour Change

Here we have changed the colour of this Chanel to a brighter blue.
As well as the body of the bag we also changed the colour of the leather in the chain.


Classic Chanel Restored

Full Restoration.

Cream to Grey Colour Change

Light colours can become dirty and stained easily. Change it to a darker colour to make it more everyday!

Chanel Colour Repair

Here we have repaired the colour where it has worn off the the top edges of the bag.

Limited Edition Moscow

This customer asked us to change her limited edition bag from white to black.

Colour Change to Purple

We changed this Chanel from white to purple but left some of the white inside to contrast.

Chanel Classic Lining Restored

In this example we have restored the iconic burgundy leather lining in all classic Chanels, carefully restoring the colour around the gold embossed logo.

Chanel Snake Skin Colour Change

When we change the colour of snake leather we can also restore the snake pattern to the colour change so it still looks like genuine snake scales.

Chanel Boy Bag Colour Change

This is an amazing transformation to a lovely matt black finish.

Cream Chanel with staining

The back of this bag had become stained and damaged. With a precise colour match we have restored this bag to its former glory.

Yellow Boy Bag Restored

This Chanel Boy Bag had faded all over. We carefully matched the colour and restored the leather.

Dark Stain on Red Leather


Stain removal and slight colour correction.


Boy Bag Restoration

This Chanel Boy has had the colour fully restored.

Extremely Dirty Chanel

Here we have cleaned and restored the leather to this badly damaged Chanel.

Faded Black Chanel

Full Leather Restoration.

Cream to Burgundy

Colour Change.

Pink Leather Restoration


Full Leather Restoration.


Green Chanel Staining

The staining on the left side of this bag has been cleaned and removed.

White Leather Chanel

All white leather will show dirt worse than other colours. It can always be restored though!

Stained Pink Chanel

The staining covered a lot of this bag so we fully restored the colour.

Colour Change to ballet pumps

Faded and worn we gave these pumps a new lease of life!

Yellow Staining

We have cleaned and removed the staining from the front of this bag.

Shopping Tote Restored


Full Restoration.