Why Should You Buy Pre-loved Handbags

Handbag Clinic June 24, 2021

More people than ever are choosing to buy pre-loved designer handbags. Find out from Handbag Clinic why it can be a savvy and intelligent investment

Newcastle Handbag Clinic offers the customer a taste of everything. From Louis Vuitton and Chanel to Celine and Balenciaga, we source the finest brands from all over the world. From vintage handbags to brand new ones, our stock has something for everyone and we can find whatever you wish. All pieces for sale have been lovingly cared for, so whatever your preference we will have something which makes you fall in love instantly.

So…Why would you buy pre loved rather than brand new?

There are many reasons why buying vintage or pre-loved bags is becoming more popular, and a smart fashion-forward thing to do. Firstly, high end pieces come with a hefty price tag. A brand new Chanel Classic Jumbo Quilted currently retails for £3725.00 in Chanel retail locations, we have one in the Newcastle store currently available for sale, like new, for a fraction of the original price at £2650.00!

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Whilst you may be able to afford retail, why waste money which could go on another purchase for the sake of it. When you buy pre-loved the price is significantly lowered, but you still get to own a piece of history with minimal signs of use.The beautiful quality, functionality and craftsmanship is always there with a brand like Chanel, but as it is pre-owned the price you pay drops significantly, which is obviously an amazing feeling for the lucky customer who snaps it up. Owning an archive piece for a fraction of retail is the stuff of dreams for any fashion forward bargain hunter!

Above: Pre-loved Chanel for sale at Handbag Clinic

Limited edition collections are another great reason to buy preloved pieces, as they are incredibly rare and the chances of finding the article brand new are minimal to say the least. The ability to source rare and no longer available handbags is something we pride ourselves upon at Handbag Clinic. Some designers are famous for their exclusive collaborations which sell out instantantly such as Louis Vuitton; a brand who regularly produce limited edition pieces in exciting and unique designs. The Louis Vuitton Monogram 'Multicolore' limited collection, which was designed by Takashi Murakami, is a well-known example of this. At Handbag Clinic we have some beautiful pieces from this vibrant collection available to buy instore in excellent condition which is rarely seen.

The detail and craftsmanship in such pieces is simply stunning. From the perfectly pointed golden studs to the soft vachetta leather. The rainbow bright contrasting colours to the velvety suede lining, these pieces will certainly stand out and draw the eye.

Above: Black & White multicolore Alma & Deauville models. Available at Handbag Clinic with prices ranging from £595 to £1000. Sold in Louis Vuitton for £1850. Shop our full range of Pre-Loved Louis Vuitton.

This Gucci Babushka tassel and stud bag is another fabulous example of the limited edition pre-loved pieces we regularly have for sale in our stores across the UK. This limited edition piece, which is no longer produced or available for sale from Gucci, sold for £1950.00 in Gucci boutiques and was incredibly popular. For its eye-catching nature and how beautifully executed it is I think this is my favourite piece we currently have instore. Stunning python print leather, long tassels and golden studs make this a special, one of a kind piece. In immaculate condition, this is selling for £845.00 in Newcastle. If you like to make a statement like I do, this is certainly the bag for you.

All of our handbags are 100% genuine guaranteed, as each piece goes through rigorous checks. These ensure the authenticity of each handbag that comes through our company for sale. The age and condition of the bags are researched and considered, and also the current market value is always a priority when pricing our beautiful pieces, so that you get the best price possible. All of our handbags are expertly authenticated and priced accordingly by the buying team. We only accept handbags when buying of a certain condition. If any item is damaged or is worn beyond our grading system, we cannot accept the item, which keeps the stock of our shelves of the highest standard for you!

An example of another superb opportunity we have in-store is this Louis Vuitton 'Artsy'. Brought to us as an unwanted Christmas gift in like new condition, complete with all of the original packaging. The 'Artsy' currently sells in Louis Vuitton for £1100, but Handbag Clinic has the item on shelves for £825.

When you buy pre-owned or vintage bags you also gain access to exclusive pieces and lines which are impossible to find at the usual designer retail locations, perhaps even decades old. Designers like Hermes are known to sell some of the most sought after, hard to get hold of, luxury handbags that the world has ever seen. The Hermes Birkin now has a waiting list of over 3 years! Some Hermes boutiques no longer have a list, and it is simply on a first come first served basis, which can get somewhat heated as you can imagine. Obviously this means they come with a rather eye watering price which is only natural for such rarity.

At Handbag Clinic we do sell Hermes. Understandably these pieces are extremely rare, and when they come in they do not sit on our shelves for very long. We have a waiting list for specific styles which customers can be added to at their request. At present we have a Hermes 'Kelly' available for sale. This 'Kelly' is a beautiful rich chocolate brown with gorgeous gold hardware and in immaculate condition. This is a vintage piece which has been lovingly looked after by its previous owner who owned the bag since the 1940’s! What an incredible, historic find this is going to be for the buyer.


Above: Vintage Hermes Kelly from the 1940's. An iconic piece of history - £2600

When everything is taken into account the positives of buying pre-loved handbags are obvious. From more reasonable price tags to limited edition pieces and access to archives of many years back. If you are looking for a piece to add to your collection you can always come to our one of our stores, and if you have a specific piece in mind let us know and we can source it directly for you. In addition to these services, we would love to buy your bag too. Contact us today for more information on our range of services.


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