Vintage Hermes Constance Restoration.

We undertook a full Hermes restoration on this 1974 vintage Hermes Constance…

Vintage Hermes Constance in need of a substantial restoration.

Our Artisan’s frequently work on the hugely popular Birkin and Kelly bags; however, when this timeless Constance was booked into our Clinic for a full restoration and replacement strap, they couldn’t resist working their magic on an alternative Hermes model. Whilst we always try to restore rather than replace, this strap was too significantly damaged to guarantee a long-lasting repair, subsequently meaning that this client requested a replacement. 

Reconstructing the Side Panel

To begin with, we removed the strap and the stitches from the damaged side panel of the bag. In order to repair the side panel, we began by applying a contact adhesive to add structure to the repair; before then sewing along the same stitch line using an identical colour thread originally used by Hermes. Although the Birkin bag is constructed with a saddle stitch, not all of their items will be sewn this way. Our Artisan’s are trained in being able to spot these intricate differences and ensure each bag, where possible, is sewn as it originally was. 

Hygienic Clean

Following on from this, we carried out a full hygienic clean of the bag and then prepared the leather for the restoration process. We utilise a mix of techniques and products for each bag, enabling us to address concerns, nourish areas which have become dry or cracked, strengthen corners and draw out oils from areas frequently touched.

Perfect Colour Match

Using a carefully selected blend of our specialist colourants our Artisan then created a perfect colour match to the bag. The application process for the colour of this particular bag combined both brush application around fine detailed areas and misting techniques to bring the leather back to life. 

To make the strap we start by selecting the highest quality leather that matches the original. Then, using the original strap as a template we meticulously measured and cut out the pattern for the new strap. In order to replicate thesophisticated nature of Hermes bags, our Artisan’s then skive the leather in order to reduce its thickness so that it’s subsequently in-keeping with the original design.

Skiving the Leather

Following on from skiving, our Artisan’s then focused on enhancing the silhouette of the strap itself by crafting a layer of padded reinforcement to not only emphasise the structure of the strap but also strengthen it to ensure this vintage bag lasts another 46 years.

Succeeding the strengthening of the strap, our Artisan’s then used a divider to mark the stitch line at the required 3mm; thus, replicating the intricate design of this Hermes Constance. We then stitched the strap back together and blended a bespoke colourant to impeccably match the existing tones of the bag; before then edging the entirety of the strap. 

In keeping with the prestige nature of Hermes bags, we then hand stitched the strap back to the core silhouette; using additional adhesive to ensure the handle remains secure. Finally, we polished the iconic metal work on the front and top to restore its shine and to maintain the seamless finish throughout.  

Please click the video below to watch the entirety of this bespoke vintage Hermes restoration & to see the finished craftsmanship…

Full Vintage Hermes Restoration Video.

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