Vintage Chanel Restoration.

We recently received this Vintage Chanel from Freddy Cousin-Brown; prominent U.K fashion influencer and handbag appreciator. 

Our artisan’s frequently work on Vintage Chanel handbags; utilising their knowledge of Lambskin and Caviar leather to revive them to their former splendour. We couldn’t resist working our magic on this pink model; it allowed our Artisan, Chloe, to tease a vibrant but in-keeping design for this particular restoration. 

To begin with, we removed the larger metal work from the handbag, including: the interlocking CC clasp on the front and the chain handle that hosts the leather strap. Following on from this, we carried out a full hygienic clean of the bag and then prepared the leather for the restoration process. We utilise a mix of techniques and products for each bag, enabling us to address concerns, nourish areas which have become dry or cracked, strengthen corners and draw out oils from areas frequently touched.

The bag had faded differently through out, creating multiple shades of pink over the item. Usually, we restore to the most original colour which can be seen on an internal or hidden area, Freddy however preferred the colour of this item in some of the more worn areas. We worked closely with Freddy to curate a bespoke colour change service that suited her individual tastes. Her preferred shade of pink was mixed by our Artisan, who applied the leather dye and surface colourant in very fine misted layers; to ensure an even colour across the bag and additionally, bring the leather back to life. 

Like most handbags, this Vintage Chanel was clearly a firm favourite of Freddy’s as it had extensive wear on the bottom from being placed on a variety of surfaces which our team carefully restored.  Following on from this, we utilised the traditional method of brush application to complete the colouring process; allowing us to retain the prestige nature of the Lambskin whilst restoring fine detailed areas. Combining these two colourant techniques allowed us to truly restore this Vintage Chanel to its former splendour whilst providing a tailored restoration that pleased Freddy. 

Fortunately, whilst the strap of this particular handbag was a little worn, the quality of the leather allowed us to restore (rather than replace) the leather; which we prefer as it subsequently increases the sustainability of the product by reducing the number of external materials used. We seamlessly re coloured the entirety of the leather, before re-threading it back through the chain links. The chain strap remains a classic feature of Chanel handbags and we were conscious of the strap in-keeping with the restoration of the core silhouette. 

Finally, our Artisan re-attached the strap to the handbag using the classic Chanel links and re secured the iconic interlocking CC metalwork. Using our in-house products, we polished the iconic metal work on the front to restore its shine and to maintain the seamless finish throughout. 

Click the link below to watch the restoration of this Vintage Chanel in its entirety…

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