Veganism: A Lifestyle, Not A Trend.

Handbag Clinic November 04, 2020

November. The month of firework displays, indulgent treats and World Vegan Week. 

There’s no way around conscious consumption in 2020. Within our visually saturated societies, we are presented with content of unique plant-based food alternatives, cruelty free cosmetics and now powerhouses within the realms of luxury fashion are curating leather and fur free designs. 

Since our inception in 2013, Handbag Clinic continues to push ‘green’ purchasing via a circular economy of restore, reuse & recycle. This core ethos is not independent to us and since last year, we’ve observed the fashion industry at large experiencing an awakening in regard to sustainable purchasing (check last week’s blog if you haven’t already). Due to sustainability graduating from a peripheral issue to that of central concern for the majority of youthful and professional purchasers, it is pivotal that we (as a pre-loved platform) represent purchasing patterns. Thus, we regularly promote Stella McCartney products online as she not only creates animal-free products but also goes one step further by conceiving her own sustainable textiles.

Since 2017, McCartney has partnered with Bio Tech company, Bolt Thread, who specialise in advancing sustainable materials. Together, they have curated an original vegan silk made entirely from yeast; whilst further producing a yarn spun from Parley Ocean Plastic Bottles, collected from the sea. 

Vegan fashion reflects the new generation of conscious consumers wanting to do more to prolong with lives of animals from cruelty. Traditionally, when you heard the term ‘Vegan fashion’ you’d recoil and think of hideously bland items and unimaginative designs…

With the help of McCartney investing in sustainable textiles and there being a shift in purchasing patterns, as shown by over 56% of Brits adopting vegan buying-behaviours, you can invest in beautiful vegan items that will quickly become staples of your wardrobe *huge sigh of relief*!

We’re not preaching that you reject your vintage Mulberry’s or classic Chanel’s (as let’s be honest, they’ll forever hold a special place in your wardrobe) … but we want to challenge you to encompass versatility and approach your ‘forever bags’ with a greener mindset as the vegan-leather market is set to take over the animal-leather market by 2025. 

Speaking of Mulberry, the vegan market is gaining momentum within the realms of responsible high fashion. They relaunched their iconic Alexa bag (the IT bag to be seen with in 2010… hands up if you had one, we know we did)! 

They’ve explored innovative avenues and transitioned to leather made from gold-standard, environmentally accredited tanneries that are crafted at the brand’s carbon-neutral UK factories. 

We appreciate how difficult it could be for many of you to completely transition to veganism (we personally love our choccy biscuits too much) but we urge you to shop responsibly. 

With the help of mainstream brands curating conscious products: such as, the entirety of the Stella McCartney collection, Mulberry’s refined and re-launched Alexa & circular platforms like ourselves, then this is achievable.

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