Ultimate Bag Guide: Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Handbag Clinic June 24, 2021

Mulberry Bayswater.

The quintessential British ‘IT’ bag for 18 years. The nostalgia that surrounds this iconic design is immeasurable.

Waiting lists quickly developed and a design icon was born! The Bayswater became an instant hit with style icons and the general public. Grandmothers, Mothers and now daughters continue to flock to stores to purchase this investment piece.  

For 50 years, Mulberry has retained its heritage appeal and reigns strong in the realms of British Leather Luxury. 


The Bayswater Heritage is the iconic larger bag:

Height: 26.5cm

Width: 36cm

Depth: 16.5cm

Handle drop: 15.5cm

Mini Mulberry Bayswater:

Height: 14.5cm

Width: 17.8cm

Depth: 8cm 

Handle drop: 7.5cm 

Shoulder strap length: 98cm

Bayswater Zipped:

Height: 21cm

Width: 23cm

Depth: 12.5cm

Handle drop: 10cm

Shoulder strap drop: 50-59cm

The smaller design is roughly half the size of the original and makes the perfect accessory for cosmopolitan living when you want to seamlessly transition your day to night look. 


When it comes to pricing, Mulberry are a rarity. 

Instead of increasing their prices year-on-year (like most luxury brands) they have chosen to retain the original price of the Bayswater’s since its release 18 years ago. 

The Bayswater Heritage: £995-£1095 (depending on colours/limited edition designs).

The Smaller Bayswater: £695-£950 (depending on colours/limited edition designs).

The Zipped Bayswater: £995-£1,195 (depending on colours/limited edition designs).

Materials & Colours:

The classic Bayswater is curated out of their NVT leather. Their natural vegetable tanned leather adds character to your product due to the natural tannage of the leather that will age beautifully.

To celebrate their 50th year (and recognising customers desires for conscious consumption), Mulberry have crafted their iconic designs in 100% sustainable leather. 

Made entirely in their carbon-neutral Somerset factory and using Ecoverde thread (a recycled polyester fibre) to complement their gold standard tannery. 

Colours remain classic but playful. Offering autumnal shades of Oak, Oxblood & Chalk, complimented by contemporary shades of Cloud Silky Calf, Sable, Icy Pink & Apricot. 


Signature postman lock, need we say more? 

Mulberry have retained the iconic lock throughout their prominent Bayswater designs. Only briefly, did they remove their trademark tree from the plating, replacing it with their rebranded name. 

This was a temporary removal, and the postman lock once again hosts the tree logo. 

Similarly, the serial coin that sits inside each Bayswater has removed from certain styles, it’s important to note this as it can cause authenticity concerns; but this is a calculated strategy by Mulberry themselves.

Alternative Styles:

Since the launch of the original Bayswater in 2003, Mulberry have extended the iconic nature of the name and crafted designs that host the same heritage appeal. 

The list is actually endless when it comes to this Ultimate Bag Guide: Mulberry Bayswater’s Alternatives:

Bayswater Tote:

Height: 28.5cm

Width: 36/46.5cm

Depth: 13cm

Handle drop: 27.5cm

Material: Small Classic Grain

Belted Bayswater Satchel:

Height: 19cm

Width: 24cm

Depth: 7cm

Material: Small Printed Grain 

Bayswater Clutch:

Width: 20.00cm

Height: 12.00cm

Depth: 3.00cm

Handle Drop: 61.00cm

Material: Calfskin Leather

Bayswater Double Zip Tote:

Width: 30.00cm

Height: 19.00cm

Depth: 12.00cm

Handle Drop: 45.00cm

Material: Small Printed Grain

Belted Bayswater with Strap:

Height: 26cm

Width: 35cm

Depth: 12cm

Shoulder strap length: 47-52cm

Material: Heavy Grain 

Celebrity Fans:

The quintessential nature of Mulberry handbags is evident by the women that wear them. 

Mulberry adorns the shoulders of women such as Princess Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung.

Images are sourced from Google Images.

As a brand, Mulberry is conscious of curating designs that women want to wear. To the extent, that they have crafted bags that pay homage to strong, influential women.

For example, the Alexa was conceived in tribute to Alexa Chung (British Model and Fashion Icon) … who was regularly pictured sporting the Mulberry Men’s Elkington Briefcase, and it was decided that a seamless alternative was needed for women! 

We are proud of our versatile and utterly irresistible collection of preloved Mulberry handbags; available to purchase online or in-stores now! 

Furthermore, the demand for Mulberry’s remains as strong as ever and our buying team are ready to review your preloved handbags now! 

Should you require further information on top of our Ultimate Bag Guide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team: enquiries@handbagclinic.co.uk 


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