The Many Handbags of Kylie Jenner

Charlie Fenwick June 25, 2021

Our obsession with Kylie Jenner continues. This week we take a closer look at Kylie’s extensive collection of designer heaven. Mid last August, the 21-year-old self-made billionaire shared a tour of the entire "room" in her house dedicated to just her purses! 8 months on, it’s time for an update. Read on to delve into the archives of Kylie’s luxury chic…  

Fendi Forever

 In October last year, Instagram fans were graced by the vision of Kylie in baby blue latex paired with an eye catching Fendi Purse. The statement show stopper is certainly a trend revival we’re in need of again. Shop our Fendi collection here. 


Celine Couture

No fashionistas wardrobe is complete without Celine. Kylie is rocking this Phantom Luggage classic, luxuriously crafted in brightly striped green and white cotton canvas. A perfect trend setter piece. Explore our range of Celine handbags here. Or why not check out our bespoke Colour Change Service to achieve that signature style you’ve been craving. 

Prada Perfection

Envy has struck again. This miniature Prada purse bag is an absolute dream. Take a page out of Kylie’s style bible and pair with bright neon’s for a fun fresh look. Explore our range of Prada paradise today.

Chanel Chic 

 This stylish teal quilted Chanel Boy is a must have in our eyes. The beauty entrepreneur rocked this chic piece, making headlines across social media. Check out our Chanel range here. After something a little different? Our Chanel section houses various styles and designs.

So. Many. Birkin’s. 

Moving swiftly back to last August, Kylie revealed that she owned over 400 handbags and most of them are Birkin’s. Surprise surprise! The iconic handbags are an investment piece symbolised as pieces of art. This slick sophisticated outfit is paired beautifully with this glossy black Birkin. Perfection! Check out our selection of Hermes couture today.

Inspired by Kylie’s haute-couture collection? Shop our full range of handbag’s and accessories online or in-store today. 


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