Celebrating the LGBT+ Community within Fashion.

February celebrates the LGBT+ community and their history in achieving representation and awareness.  As an inclusive company, Handbag Clinic has chosen to recognise the progressive field of fashion and explore the iconic designers that represent the LGBT+ community. Pride (the annual celebration of self-affirmation, equality and dignity) has evolved from a political demonstration in the 1960s, to a global, electric and colourful extravaganza of inclusivity!  Fashion is renowned for its celebration of uniqueness, which amplifies our desires to represent this community as season after season we fall more in love... Read More

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Restore a Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier With Us…

We recently received an incredibly worn Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier from a customer in Monaco, who required our assistance in restoring the entirety of the external Vachetta. Our team of Artisan’s regularly restore Louis Vuitton merchandise and utilised their knowledge of Vachetta, sewing and Vuitton to revive this unique piece. As leather experts, we adore the opportunity to extend our craftsmanship to uncommon items and we encourage you to send your leather luxuries to us for a bespoke restoration.  Due to the exclusive nature of each bag, we utilise... Read More

Lady Dior Colour Change 30/04/2020

Colour Changing a Lady Dior

From bright statement colours to seasonal tones, here at Handbag Clinic we can change the colour of your handbag to any colour of your choice. Our Artisans are highly trained in the Colour Matching Process, by using this method we can achieve any colour, whether it be your favourite shade, to match another item or just a colour that is missing from your wardrobe. This is the perfect treatment for those handbags or shoes that you don’t want to part with but need new lease of life. The Lady Dior... Read More