Do You Know the Most Demanded Lockdown Restorations?

Historically, the most demanded restorations revolved around accidents out and about, placing them on restaurant floors or bathroom sinks, an accident in a hair beauty salon, food spillages from clumsy waiters and tipping over cocktails when you’ve had one too many drinks… However, since lockdown and the imminent closure of most establishments, restoration requests have changed and you would be surprised at how many Chanel’s have been bitten by dogs, how many Gucci’s have suffered a dreaded wine stain and how many Prada’s have been the victim of an ink... Read More


Celebrating the LGBT+ Community within Fashion.

February celebrates the LGBT+ community and their history in achieving representation and awareness.  As an inclusive company, Handbag Clinic has chosen to recognise the progressive field of fashion and explore the iconic designers that represent the LGBT+ community. Pride (the annual celebration of self-affirmation, equality and dignity) has evolved from a political demonstration in the 1960s, to a global, electric and colourful extravaganza of inclusivity!  Fashion is renowned for its celebration of uniqueness, which amplifies our desires to represent this community as season after season we fall more in love... Read More

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Discover Why Vintage Handbags Are an Investment.

‘Vintage’ can often carry the negative connotations of being old, worn and unloved. However, when it comes to handbags, more often than not this couldn’t be further from the truth, as you’ll discover below…  Let’s take our minds back to the early 00s. Do you remember Sarah Jessica Parkers character Carrie Bradshaw? (silly question, we know!) From Manolo Blahniks to Fendi’s cult Baguette bag; her protagonists style constantly sparked worldwide trends… which remain active to this day!  Below, we’re going to guide you through some staples that are available at... Read More


Vintage Chanel Restoration.

We recently received this Vintage Chanel from Freddy Cousin-Brown; prominent U.K fashion influencer and handbag appreciator.  Our artisan’s frequently work on Vintage Chanel handbags; utilising their knowledge of Lambskin and Caviar leather to revive them to their former splendour. We couldn’t resist working our magic on this pink model; it allowed our Artisan, Chloe, to tease a vibrant but in-keeping design for this particular restoration.  To begin with, we removed the larger metal work from the handbag, including: the interlocking CC clasp on the front and the chain handle that... Read More


12 Days of Christmas Gift List…

Not to alarm you but it is 16 days until Christmas. Is it just us, or did it feel like February was only a few weeks ago? Either way, Santa is en route and your gift guide needs to be completed asap! Whether you’re choosing for yourself or your loved one, we’ve curated a list of staple handbags that will complete any capsule wardrobe. 1. On The First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me… The Givenchy Antigona: The Antigona was the IT bag when it launched; worn... Read More


Do You Know Chanel’s 5 Secrets?

Since Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel Headquarters in 1983, he bridged the creative gap between Coco Chanel and the contemporary audience.  As a result of consistently strong designs and influential audiences, Chanel remains one of the most recognisable fashion designers of both the 20th and 21st century.  So, do you know Chanel’s 5 secrets? We’ve delved into the depths of Chanel and discovered the 5 secrets that you will not want to miss…  The House of Chanel is the oldest haute couture designer that remains active. Demonstrating that whilst conspicuous consumption no longer... Read More


Veganism: A Lifestyle, Not A Trend.

November. The month of firework displays, indulgent treats and World Vegan Week.  There’s no way around conscious consumption in 2020. Within our visually saturated societies, we are presented with content of unique plant-based food alternatives, cruelty free cosmetics and now powerhouses within the realms of luxury fashion are curating leather and fur free designs.  Since our inception in 2013, Handbag Clinic continues to push ‘green’ purchasing via a circular economy of restore, reuse & recycle. This core ethos is not independent to us and since last year, we’ve observed the... Read More