Restore a Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier With Us…

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier in Need of Restoring

We recently received an incredibly worn Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier from a customer in Monaco, who required our assistance in restoring the entirety of the external Vachetta.

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier in Need of Restoring

Our team of Artisan’s regularly restore Louis Vuitton merchandise and utilised their knowledge of Vachetta, sewing and Vuitton to revive this unique piece. As leather experts, we adore the opportunity to extend our craftsmanship to uncommon items and we encourage you to send your leather luxuries to us for a bespoke restoration. 

Foaming our in house cleaning product

Due to the exclusive nature of each bag, we utilise a variety of techniques and products; thus, enabling us to address concerns, nourish areas which have become dry or cracked, strengthen corners and draw out oils from areas frequently touched. To begin with, we carried out a full internal/external hygienic clean of the bag; building up our product into a lather to remove the excess dirt that builds up from continued usage.

Unpicking every classic yellow stitch from the Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

Once the item is fully cleaned, we then began the extensive task of unpicking every stitch by hand; in order to remove the entire Vachettta trim. 

Skiving the leather

In order to reduce the thickness of this leather, we ran all of the new Vachetta through our skiving machine to improve the durability of the leather. Thus, improving the manageability of the material when it is in the process of being sewn onto the dog carrier. 

Colour matching the replacement leather

Our restoration team sourced the finest Vachetta leather, we always strive to maintain the prestige and original features of each bag, from metalwork to colour matching. This extends to our dyes. During the consultation period we discuss with the client which patina they prefer and create a dye to match this chosen colour. Once the dye is perfectly mixed we then apply it to all of the replacement Vachetta using a soft applicator. 

Unclamping the old metal studs from the window of the Dog Carrier

Surrounding the ‘windows’, there are LV studs that hold the cover in place. In order to restore the entirety of the dog carrier, our Artisan’s sourced metal work that seamlessly matched the originals. 

Threading the iconic Louis Vuitton Yellow Ribbon

Once we have finished cutting each individual section for the Vahcetta replacement we apply a thin layer of adhesive to the skived leather, to assist the extensive sewing process and improve the longevity of the stitchwork. 

Re-sewing the entirety of the Dog Carrier by hand

Upon completion, our Artisan, Tutu, then hand stitched each section back onto the dog carrier using the iconic yellow thread.

Edging the new leather handles etc

You’ll notice that on the handles of most handbags, they are ‘edged’ to promote a smoother and ultimately sleeker design. This involves using an Edger to refine the sides of the leather for a completed aesthetic. Upon completion of this, all of matched metal wear is attached to the dog carrier and a final inspection is undertaken to ensure a seamless finish throughout. 

Restored Louis Vuitton Vintage Dog Carrier.
Restored Louis Vuitton Vintage Dog Carrier.

To fully appreciate this complex restoration, we suggest you grab your coffee (or Prosecco, as it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world) and watch the restoration via our YouTube channel, that we have linked below!

Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier Restoration.


  • Well done guys…so proud of your ethics and also giving new life to the old…limited waste!!!

    • Tori Turner

      Thank you so much Adel, we really do appreciate your kind words! We encourage all to review their purchasing patterns and push towards a circular economy!
      Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can assist you in resale/restoration ✨