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How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton ‘Monogram Icon’ Handbags

This guide will highlight how to differentiate between replica and genuine Louis Vuitton ‘Monogram Icons’ Spotting a fake Louis Vuitton can be difficult as these bags are one of the most counterfeited in existence. Within this guide I have chosen the most popular bags from Louis Vuitton, from the ‘Monogram Icons’ collection, to show you how I authenticate this brand on a daily basis when sourcing Louis Vuitton for Handbag Clinic. As with all of our brands, authenticity is guaranteed without doubt, as we source 100% genuine items globally and... Read More


How To Authenticate Mulberry

This guide will show you how to identify a fake Mulberry handbag Mulberry was founded in 1971 by a young entrepreneur named Roger Saul and his mother Joan. They began their career’s making poacher bags and binocular cases in their factory in Somerset but soon moved into women’s fashion. The brand has gone from strength to strength with Creative Director Emma Hill taking over in 2007 turning Mulberry into a hugely popular brand collaborating with the likes of Alexa’s Chung, Lana Del Ray and Cara Delavigne. Mulberry created the first... Read More


Why Should You Buy Pre-loved Handbags

More people than ever are choosing to buy pre-loved designer handbags. Find out from Handbag Clinic why it can be a savvy and intelligent investment Newcastle Handbag Clinic offers the customer a taste of everything. From Louis Vuitton and Chanel to Celine and Balenciaga, we source the finest brands from all over the world. From vintage handbags to brand new ones, our stock has something for everyone and we can find whatever you wish. All pieces for sale have been lovingly cared for, so whatever your preference we will have... Read More


Handbag Clinic Leeds is Now Open!

We are proud to present our fourth retail location at 12 Queens Arcade in Leeds Last Friday it was our pleasure to open a brand new retail location within the heart of Leeds, situated at 12 Queens Arcade, an ornate and prestigious sector of Leeds renowned for fashion houses, luxury stores and quaint boutiques. Our décor felt right at home within the high arches and gorgeous shopfronts of the arcade and we knew we had made the right decision to pursue this opportunity to bring Handbag Clinic to the Yorkshire... Read More


Does Your Louis Vuitton Have This Common Issue?

At Handbag Clinic we refurbish many Louis Vuitton handbags, but one issue appears more than most At Handbag Clinic’s flagship Chelsea store in London, one of the most prominent handbag related issues we deal with on a daily basis are problems with Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather handles. These pinky, light brown handles and the accompanying leather trim have always been a signature element of Louis Vuitton bags from the ‘Speedy’ to the ‘Neverfull’ models, and are gorgeous when brand new, but without protection and cleaning over time they usually have... Read More

Handbag Clinic Leeds 09/01/2019

Handbag Clinic Leeds: One Year On

We will be celebrating the 1st birthday of our store in Leeds and would like you to join us! Our boutique in Leeds City Centre in the prestigious Queens Arcade will be celebrating its 1stBirthday on 17th June 2017, and what a year it has been. Leeds is now a hub for Luxury Accessories shopping with more and more stores opening all the time. Just in the last year we have seen Aspinal of London open a flagship store here in the new Victoria Gate shopping centre and Coach opening their first Leeds store... Read More


Our Current Favourite Handbag

Miu Miu is this months top pick by Handbag Clinic The Newcastle Handbag Clinic store always has a variety of beautiful handbags and accessories for sale. We have many styles and designer brands to suit every individual taste and budget, with new pieces arriving each week ensuring we are up to date, forever offering our customers a diverse and fresh selection of handbags and handbag accessories. This month I have chosen this gorgeous Miu Miu as my favourite bag which we currently have available for sale in store- it was... Read More

LV Patchwork Bag 08/01/2019

The Top 10 Most Expensive Designer Handbag Brands In The World

A guide through 10 of the most expensive handbag brands, and some of their most iconic, lavish pieces. The stuff of dreams! The beauty of the handbag industry is the variety of pieces available to suit every taste, purpose or budget. From the high street to high-end fashion houses, experimentation with colours, materials, precious metals, jewels and size is frequent, and as a result there is something for everyone from functionality to finesse. Amidst these delights, as with all luxury items, there are pieces which take it to the next... Read More

How to spot a fake Chanel 07/01/2019

How To Spot Fake Chanel Handbags

This guide will highlight how to differentiate between replica and genuine Chanel handbags Chanel is one of the most luxurious brands we stock at Handbag Clinic and a personal favourite of mine. Chanel is also a brand that is heavily copied, replicas cost up to hundreds of pounds! and can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot. As Chanel is a brand which has remained popular for decades there are many fakes out there and each bag requires thorough assessment, but there are some key things the Store Managers... Read More

Handbag Clinic Chelsea 06/01/2019

Handbag Clinic Chelsea Store Makeover

Pre-loved bags now available to buy at Handbag Clinic Chelsea Our Kings Road Chelsea store has been open for two years now so we thought it was about time for a makeover! We have brightened it up with a more modern and fresh colour palette and added some glamorous decorative touches. We have a brand-new flooring design that was recently featured in a top magazine. We have a new and inviting window display feature, a glass cabinet display showcasing our smaller items such as purses and wallets and a feature... Read More