Mulberry Restoration – Art Insider

We spoke to Art Insider about the art of Handbag Restoration and showed them one of the most damaged bags we have seen to date. This Mulberry was substantially worn, the colour was significantly bleached out of the leather, areas had became burnt and warped, the handles were so heavily contaminated they needed to be replaced. This was a challenging restoration however one of our Senior Artisan’s knew exactly how to bring this bag back to life.

Mulberry Repairs and Restoration are one of the most popular services at Handbag Clinic and we offer a wide range of solutions for everything from restoration, replacement of postman turn locks and a specific package for oak restorations that is carried out with a blend process to ensure a natural oak finish. In cases like this a complete bespoke approach is required which we offer as well as colour changing service. Check out the video below to find out more information about this process and see the amazing transformation of this early version of the Bayswater Satchel.

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