Meet the Team - Abby Carter

Handbag Clinic July 30, 2020

Abby Carter, Operations Manager

How long have you worked for Handbag Clinic?

I have worked for Handbag Clinic for 5 and a half years. I started in the Customer Support Team for the restoration service and now manage this team along with the Clinic. It has been amazing seeing the company grow so fast, it has been hard but rewarding work.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

I love the wealth of knowledge that I have gained working here, 6 years ago I had no idea the vast differences between the hydes themselves, the different methods used depending on the hyde, grain patterns and the numerous different ways bags are constructed. Now I am the person everyone comes to ask questions and the team consider me as the leather “oracle”. It is so interesting, every day we see something new.

What is the most interesting repair you have seen come through the Clinic?

Things I would have once thought would be a rare occurrence are actually very common such as dogs chewing handles, bags that have seen a lovers revenge, children drawing on £6000 handbags and most recently hand sanitiser spills are becoming and every day query for us. The things that peak my interests are the more peculiar pieces we are asked to work on such as a vintage suitcase that required a whole new lining, it has so much sentimental value and I love being able to bring these item back to life. Another really interesting one was a strap replacement on a Ming Dynasty sword, we really do see everything at Handbag Clinic

You have been part of our core team working during COVID, how have you found working through such unprecedented times?

It definitely has been challenging, my goal was just to keep all of our restoration clients informed every step of the way. We are a really busy office usually and had 13 Artisans in the Clinic pre COVID, we started with just 3 Artisan’s when it was safe to reopen and have slowly increased the number working in line with social distancing but it has been very strange with minimal people in the building. I am pleased that the office can begin to return to the new normal too, I miss my team! I have been juggling our Restoration inboxes, new enquiries along with organising the production run for the Clinic to ensure we got as many beautifully restored bags back to Clients as quickly as possible. Clients have been so understanding and kind, it has been lovely receiving supporting messages and even gifts from clients who are so happy with how we have managed this crazy period. Looking forward to an exciting future for myself and the brand.

Are you a handbag or shoe girl?

I have fallen more in love with handbags while working at Handbag Clinic but I do lust over shoes more and love seeing all of the amazing Louboutins and Valentino’s come through for repair and restoration.

What is your dream shoe purchase?

Definitely a pair of Louboutin Private Number Platforms in Black Gloss, they are iconic and go with everything!

What would be your top advice for keeping a handbag looking great?

Regular cleaning and protection is key, along with keeping it stuffed when not using it! Also, don’t leave it unsupervised around your dog, we really do see so many chewed handles and this isn’t quick or easy work to have this repaired.

What will we find you doing outside of Handbag Clinic?

Long dog walks with my Jackawawa (Jack Russle X Chiwawa) Harry, I am a real dog lover and Harry is like my baby! I also support my local Slimming World group after losing over 4 and half stone with support from the group last year so am now part of the Social Team and have the opportunity to support others in achieving their goals. I am a huge Theatre enthusiast and a trip to see a musical is one of my favourite experiences, I am hoping theatres can open soon as my favourite show, Phantom of the Opera was due to come to our local area soon!


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