Made to Recycle – Made to Last

Made to Recycle – Made to Last

Eat, Sleep, Recycle, Repeat. Here at Handbag Clinic recycling is a must! Keep reading to find out what we do to reduce our carbon footprint and be eco-friendly…



  • Our skilled team of experts always ensure they template designs on materials to ensure minimal wastage. 
  • Any excess leather that cannot be used for bag components is then reused for customer samples and colour matching processes.
  • We reuse cardboard until it cannot be used and is then recycled.
  • We use electronic invoicing and quotations etc to minimise paper usage.
  • The majority of our products have large lifespans when kept at the correct temperatures, therefore we really do get the most form them when repairing over 700 bags a month.

Recycling our Packaging

  • Most of our packaging can be recycled including all the bottles that our paints, cleaners and care products are dispensed from.
  • Packaging for kits is made from cardboard rather than plastic, making it easier for the end user to recycle.
  • We use paper carrier bags which can also be recycled. 

Our Carbon Footprint

  • We only send our large deliveries to the stores once a week to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure no wasted cardboard is used and minimising fuel and vehicle emissions.
  • All of our cloths and terry fabric are professionally supplied from a recycled source.


Be more Sustainable from home!

Protecting your much-loved handbags and accessories has never been more important to make them last for years to come. Say goodbye to throw away fashion with the help of our specialist care products. Choose from our range of mini care kits specialising in suede, leather and fabric. Each care kit includes a cleaner and protector and many other goodies for just £19.95. 


Or why not splash out on our ultimate care kit which includes our specialist care products and amazing Handbag Hook to save putting your beloved handbag on the floor for only £39.95. 


Join the movement and be more sustainable. 

To shop our range of care kits and specialist products, head to our website at or visit us in store. 

Jess George

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