Leather Types: Vachetta Leather

What do you know about Vachetta Leather?

Vachetta leather generally comes from the bull’s shoulder, making it a tough, long lasting and hard wearing leather. Vachetta is a very natural type of leather, coloured by using only dyes. It has no protection or additive treatments applied after its colouring process making it very absorbent. This comes with pros and cons.

As the leather doesn’t go through many processes in the tannery it makes this type of leather very natural; it is soft, smooth and looks great! However, as there are no protection additives to the surface of the leather it is very absorbent, meaning it will stain easily, and even change colour throughout use.

The changing of colour, however, isn’t a bad thing. Vachetta leather is designed to do this, this occurrence is called a patina. As every item is used in different ways they will all develop in their own unique way; meaning no two bags will ever be the same. So, in essence, you are purchasing a one off item.

This type of leather is most commonly found on luxurious items such as handbags and luggage, the most common brand being Louis Vuitton, however other brands have been known to use this leather as well.

LV Vachetta Leather

Above: Two of our most popular bags are the Louis Vuitton Speedy and Neverfull, both with Vachetta Leather

Vachetta leather is very pale when new, however as it is used in every day-to-day life it will develop its own natural patina, becoming more of a tan/ brown colour. It will also pick up natural markings such as stains, and scratches which help add to its aged look. Some people like this and others don’t. It’s personal preference.

Unfortunately, there is no way of getting around the leather changing. Because the leather is so natural and absorbent the even the water particles in the air soak into the leather which main cause of the leather darkening.

Vachetta Leather Stages

As you can see from the above picture, the handles become the darkest of all the leather. This is developed not only through natural patina but also through natural oils from your skin. These oils soak into the leather whilst you are carrying your bag.

How to care for an item with Vachetta leather

Protect it the day you get it! As Vachetta leather is so absorbent it stains very easily. By adding protection cream to your item it will greatly improve the chance of spillages not staining the leather.

Leather is a skin and needs to be looked after, just like you do. You should wipe the handles of your bag down with a damp cloth after use. This will remove any natural oils from the surface of the leather. By doing this you will greatly prolong the life of your handles. Removing the oils before they have had a chance to soak in will keep the colour of the leather looking newer for longer.

If you are unlucky enough to be caught out in the rain, or you place your bag down on a wet bar you should blot the wet area with a dry cloth. Do not rub the area. Rubbing the area can cause the area to become shiny, but also runs the risk of spreading the stain.

Be prepared. Protect your item.

Vachetta Leather Care

Above: We have Care Products available on our website for protecting Vachetta Leather

Our Protection Cream applies an invisible barrier over the surface of the leather, protecting it from all day-to-day dirt and grime, slows down spillages soaking in into the leather, repels ink and it also has a UV light barrier to help slow down colour fade. (This won’t stop the leather from developing a patina)

Always carry a bag hook. Handbag Clinics handbag hook allows you to hang your handbag on the side of a table, eliminating the chance of you placing your bag down in a spillage on the bar, table or floor.

Whilst your bag is not in use you should keep it stuffed to keep its shape and structure, and in its dustbag to stop any dust settling on the leather.

Our amazing range of Handbag Care Products are available on our website.

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