How Dirty Is Your Handbag?

With germs spreading like wildfire and the world going to meltdown over the current epidemic that we will not mention by name cough cough, we thought it necessary to share a little of our expert knowledge regarding the cleaning and maintenance of our beloved handbags.

  • Our handbags can be cleaned and ridden of germs (tips at the bottom) but they are far dirtier than we ever could have imagined.
  • One in five handbags contain enough bacteria to cause a serious risk to your health
  • Our handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet!
Cleaning Handbags

If you’re using a bag day in and out, it is only natural that there will be a growth of nasty bacteria without you even realising. A little unknown fact is that our handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

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Fabric bags may appear dirtier than leather bags, but due to the porus texture of leather, its actually leather bags that contain the most bacteria; creating the perfect conditions for it to thrive and spread!!

Unsurprisingly, the handles are the most germ ridden area of the bag, with one in five carrying enough bacteria to cause illness. The more a bag is used, the more natural oils from your hands are absorbed into the leather. This can be easily solved with our degrease and recolour service, which draws out the oils from the handles and then restores the colour.

Handles are the worst
Handles contain the most dirt and bacteria on handbags.

If you’d like a quote to have your handles degreased or your bag cleaned you can fill out our Quote Form. Or if you’re just thinking about taking better care of your bag and helping to kill some of those nasty germs, then here are our top tips:

Become an avid hand washer…
Although for the majority of us it is second nature to make sure we are regularly washing and sanitising our hands, this really will help the prevention of contamination of handles and the interior of your bag!

Look after your bag as you would look after yourself…
No, we don’t mean quite literally, but the easiest way to remove germs is by cleaning. If you are using your bag daily you should be cleaning once a month and every 6 months for less used bags.

Avoid leaving your precious bags on unclean surfaces…
Treat your bags like royalty. Leaving them on the floor or dirty surfaces like bars is the easiest way to coat your bag in nasties! Hang your bag up where you can to prevent this, using a Handbag Hook. (available in our Essentials Care Kit)

Carry your bag, not bacteria…
Remember your bag is not a dustbin, make sure you avoid throwing any rubbish, old receipts and unnecessary items in your handbag.
It is not only the bags themselves that harbour thousands of antibodies, it is the items we are carrying with us on a day to day basis. Our mobile phones are the top contenders, with over 25,000 germs on average.

Handbag Cleaning Kits
Our Handbag Care Kits can be used to keep your bags lovely and clean.

All in all, we recommend keeping your hands and bags clean to prevent the need for our professional services… or the chance of illness.

To receive a quote for your handbag to be cleaned or restored please fill in an Online Quote Form or alternatively visit your nearest Handbag Clinic Store.

Don’t forget to check out our video on how to care for your bag at home!

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