Handbag Clinic’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019

With Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Kim Kardashian spotted in vintage wear, shopping pre-owned, is bang on trend this Christmas. Shop sustainably with Handbag Clinic, with our amazing range of designer Handbags.

Whether you started your Christmas shopping in the Summer or left it till last minute, when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, there is no more dreaded sentence than ”get me a surprise”. But don’t worry we are here to help you out! In order to keep up the Christmas spirit we have prepared a guide to the best gifts here at Handbag Clinic. Whether you are looking for accessories, stocking fillers or your main gift, our Christmas guide is here to help!

Under £150

Whatever your age, you are never too old for a Christmas stocking! We have put together our top picks for filling those stockings, with these small leather goods. Although small, these gifts will certainly put a large smile on their face! Why not add an Essentials Handbag Care Kit for those handbag lovers?

£150- £300

Looking for a bag that isn’t going to break the bank? We have you covered! We stock all the best brands from Louis Vuitton to Gucci. And no one would be disappointed by find these gifts under the tree, and to top it off they are all under £300.

£300- £600

Choosing a designer handbag for someone can be daunting, however with these Must Haves, we have it under control. These versatile bags can cover all different styles and occasions, from a casual look to a glamorous event. 

£600- £1,200

A trustworthy statement bag is a way to any woman’s heart. From brands like Celine to Givenchy these are created to instantly lift any outfit. 

£1,200- £2,500

If you love a bargain, shop with Handbag Clinic and get up to 50% off the RRP of a designer bag. These specific brands ensure style and class in every respect. From day to day bags to evening wear, these top picks will be on any woman’s Christmas List.  


Wanting to splurge on an extra special gift? Hermes and Chanel are the crème de le crème of luxury. These bags are investment pieces, because they are classics that never go out of style and hold their value! In the world of designer handbags, Hermes and Chanel are iconic.


Alternatively, why not give that special someone something truly unique this Christmas, and have their beloved handbag transformed in our Clinic? Being green is a strong passion for many, as a nation we focus our minds on improving our carbon footprint. This has also landed in the the world of luxury fashion as renovation quickly becomes as popular as replacement!

Our Clinic offers a range of services to meet all needs, so there will be something for every fashion enthusiast. Are you buying for a special someone who has a favourite handbag they use nearly everyday but could do with some TLC? If yes then our Full Restoration would be the ideal gift! Or are they meticulous with their luxury goods, ensuring they stay in the best condition possible? Then why not treat them to a Clean and Full Protect to keep their favourite looking its best? Its not all just handbags and purses however, ladies we have you gift covered too! We repair all leather items including shoes, holdalls, luggage and jackets! So if you are looking for that alternative surprise with a personal touch this Christmas, one of our services would be perfect!

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