Handbag Clinic are being featured On BBC1’s Shop Well For Less

How much are you hiding in your wardrobe?

The pre-owned luxury fashion market has grown 21 times faster than the Luxury Market and it is becoming the new way for the style conscious to shop, it can also be a great way to make some extra money. BBC1’s “Shop Well For Less” saw Handbag Clinic as the perfect way to help Melissa from Selby in Yorkshire to generate some extra cash after leaving her full time role to work on her own business due to a change is circumstances.

Handbag Clinic on BBC Shop Well for Less

Melissa was an impulse purchaser with a love for designer brands and after Steph McGovern and Alex Jones had a sneaky peak around the Mountfords home they discovered Melissa may have had some cash hidden in her wardrobe all along in vintage and pre-owned bags that she hadn’t worn in years. Alex and Steph brought Melissa to our store in Leeds to see if Melissa’s Handbag Collection of Gucci, Chloe & Mulberry Bags could generate the household some extra cash.

After an assessment from one of our Buyers, we were able to purchase Melissa’s bags based on the items condition once they had been restored, so Melissa got even more for her Handbag collection that had once just been sat at the back of the wardrobe. How much could be hiding in the back of your wardrobe?

Shop Well For Less airs 8pm on BBC1 and available on the Iplayer.  If you think you have some savings hidden in your Handbag Collection, why not sell your bag to us.

If like Melissa you have a passion for designer Handbags you can shop smart and sustainably by purchasing a Secondhand Designer Bag. With huge savings off the original purchase price you can purchase a guaranteed authentic designer bag which has been cleaned and restored to its best possible condition, here at Handbag Clinic.

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