Donatella Francesca Versace – An Icon

An Italian fashion designer and current vice president of the Versace Group, as well as its chief designer. We all know her as a fashion icon and true diva, Donatella, Born 2 May 1955 (Happy birthday) has truly been a fashion icon over the years.

During the 1980s, Donatella’s brother, Gianni Versace, launched a perfume dedicated to her, Blonde, and gave her her own fragrance label, Versus, which Gianni formerly ran for her. After Gianni’s death, Donatella took over all aspects of the label. 

She had planned to work for her brother in the public relations department, but was more valuable to him as a “muse and critic”, according to her during an interview with Vogue. Through her closeness to her brother’s enterprises, she entered the fashion world.



Donatella Versace mounted her first couture show for the Versace Atelier at the Hôtel Ritz Paris. She built her runway over the hotel’s swimming pool, as her brother had done every season, though this time using sheer glass. She now oversees the production of a dozen collections each year, though these days she is just as famous for her celebrity entourage and parties whose regular guests include Sir Elton John, Liz Hurley, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Moss. Even Prince Charles attends Donatella’s parties for the famous and elite throughout Europe.

She soon proved to be important to Versace PR and spread its name throughout Europe and most of the United States. She placed Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Demi Moore, and Lady Gaga in high esteem in the Versace advertising sector, making them and other celebrities such as Beyoncé and January Jones the personae and images of Versace.

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Scott Brannon-Nash

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