Does Your Louis Vuitton Have This Common Issue?

At Handbag Clinic we refurbish many Louis Vuitton handbags, but one issue appears more than most

At Handbag Clinic’s flagship Chelsea store in London, one of the most prominent handbag related issues we deal with on a daily basis are problems with Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather handles.

These pinky, light brown handles and the accompanying leather trim have always been a signature element of Louis Vuitton bags from the ‘Speedy’ to the ‘Neverfull’ models, and are gorgeous when brand new, but without protection and cleaning over time they usually have the same recurring issue.

The problem with the leather is that without appropriate care and attention they can go from a light tan to a dark murky brown, due to wear and general skin oils which owners transfer when holding them. This over time darkens the handles, thus causing the discoloration to this very absorbent signature leather.

Darkened handles on LV

Above: You can see how the handles of gone dark and dull on the underside from contact with skin

Here at Handbag Clinic we have seen and worked on many Louis Vuitton bags with this frequent problem, and we have come up with a remedy that will leave your bag looking like new and protected for the future.

The first thing we recommend with any brand new handbag is protection. Our Leather Protection Cream is amazing and the first line of defense against fading, colour transfer and the general elements. We recommend using our cream on all of the leather handbags you love, and reapplying it every few months to reinvigorate the protective barrier and repel those harmful threats.

Personally, I have used this protective product many times on my own new bags, shoes and jackets and the results were amazing. Especially in the winter weather we have at the moment you don’t want to be caught off guard by a sudden downpour of rain or snow with your new Louis ‘Speedy’ in hand!

Restored Louis Vuitton Handles

What Handbag Clinic can do: Unsightly vachetta handles refurbished back to new

If it is too late to protect and you have a Louis Vuitton handbag which has already got very dark handles, we have a treatment for you which will remove the excess oils from the handles. After this process has been completed we then apply a new leather colourant to the handles to return them to their former glory.

Take a look out our range of services – Handbag Repair

If the handles are too far gone and have permanent lasting staining, our highly trained handbag technicians can can even replace the handles to match the Vachetta leather of the bag. Here at Handbag Clinic we have the expertise and experience to deal with this problem at all stages, so bring in your handbag today to see what we can do for you.

Does Your Louis Vuitton Have This Common Issue?
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Does Your Louis Vuitton Have This Common Issue?
Darkened Handles can ruin the look of your expensive LV items - here how we can fix them.
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Handbag Clinic

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