Do You Know the Versatility of Velvet?

Handbag Clinic November 11, 2020

Velvet. You typically either love it or loathe it. 

Velvet is not marmalade and should not cause the divide that it does among consumers. Our ateliers have come to the rescue and curated an in-depth style guide to transition you loathers into lovers.

Our autumnal office favourite is our distinct Gucci Marmont Shoulder Flap Bag in Velvet teal. 

The Marmont's simple silhouette adheres itself to a sleek wardrobe that favours occasional electric colours to complement muted tones. This Gucci Marmont lends itself to be the centre of an outfit; whether it be for a wedding, race day or a bag that transitions you from your working day to your liquid lunch. 

When investing in pre-loved luxury, it’s critical to be confident in your purchase and the usability that it will provide. More often then not, when it comes to velvet, many people lack certainty in how to style it creatively and more importantly, interchangeably. 

Furthermore, when purchasing velvet, it’s pivotal that you invest in treatments to prolong the lifespan of your beloved bag. At Handbag Clinic, we have curated our own in-house products that we have nurtured over time and we are confident that they will protect your purchases against the elements of daily life.

Work Wear:

With this Gucci Marmont being such a vibrant tone, it’s an obvious choice to pair it with a muted neutral palette; as shown below. 

The white base of the outfit will not only allow the bag to ‘pop’ aesthetically, but stylistically, it presents the opportunity to choose exaggerated choices for your additional accessories. 

Choosing gold jewellery and subdued gold heels elevates the gold GG metal work on the bag, whilst also elevating the luxe level of your look. 

Winter Wedding:

With all foreseeable weddings reduced to 15 guests, it’s even more important (as a chosen guest) that you are dressed to impress; as cliché as that may sound. 

Whilst this bag lends itself to be the ‘star of the show’, it also pairs beautifully with vivid geometric prints (within reason)!

Teal and blood orange, as shown below, are complimentary colours that provide a sharp but alluring contrast. Don’t fear being playful when it comes to this Gucci Marmont.

Velvet TLC:

Whilst we have your attention, we want to reinforce the importance of looking after velvet. Suede is such a delicate material it's vital to protect it to help prevent staining. Protecting the suede from day one (and then cleaning it as necessary) will help maintain the bags prestige. At this point, we expect you’re more than likely amazed by the versatility of velvet; so top that Prosecco or cuppa tea back up, as there’s more to come…

Weekend Wears:

The alluring feature of this velvet Gucci bag is how it transitions effortlessly to pair itself for ‘everyday’ looks. 

Whether you’re taking the dog for a walk via your favourite café or grabbing a Sunday lunch with the family; then you can layer this as a cross-body bag over knits and faux leather jackets for a casual-chić aesthetic. 

Furthermore, due to its medium size it can hold everything but the kitchen sink; which is a necessity for us women who like to cater for every possibility. 

Totally Transitional:

Finally, if you require any further persuasion on becoming a lover of velvet, then it’s a texture that provides luxe appeal & will provide you with a signature style. 

Due to its versatile but striking nature, it is the perfect material to wear both at night and in the day. Pairing it with leather provides a clashing contrast of materials that is stylistically playful.

Once again, pairing this particular Gucci Marmont bag with gold earrings and the gold stiletto mules creates a gold theme that elevates the metal work of the bag. 

We relish the opportunity to assist you in becoming confident consumers and can’t wait to see how you dress this bag yourself. Check our Instagram stories for more weekly styling tips and be sure to invest in our Suede Care Kit for optimum protection of your beloved velvet investment!

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